What's my best option

<p>-Criminal Justice
-Business Administration

<p>My school's business programs sucks and it's non-accredited, the criminal justice program is okay and my favorite is Biology.</p>

<p>But, post-graduation - what degree will carry the most weight with a 3.5+ GPA and high class ranking ... for graduate schools?</p>

<p>If you want to go to graduate school, then you should mAjor in whatever field you hope to study in grad school in the aim of not having to make up pre requisites...</p>

<p>Do most grad school programs require pre-req's - such as if I want to go to Law school, MBA, International Relations, Engineering, Dental, etc. ? Or are they usually open to different degrees and worried more on stat's, gpa, class rank, GRE/LSAT scores?</p>

<p>Graduate school leading to a PhD degree in subjects like humanities, social studies, science, and engineering typically require an undergraduate degree in the same or similar subject (sometimes with specific more rigorous course work than normally required).</p>

<p>Professional school like law, business, medical, or dental school does not require a specific undergraduate major, although medical school does require a set of pre-med courses.</p>

<p>Criminal Justice is a notoriously useless degree, and the job prospects for a bio major are also terrible. Business Admin + a good internship would probably be the best. However BS-BA is also kind of a general degree you need some specialized job skills or it may take you nowhere hence the emphasis on doing a good internship.</p>