whats my chance?

<p>sat 1-verbal 740 math 800
sat 2s- math 2c-800 math 1c-800 physics-740 writing- 660 (I suck)</p>

<p>GPA-90.6 unweighted, 95 weighted
rank-36/688 from a bad school</p>

<p>national merit scholar, captain of golf team and math team, competed im AMC and AIME, National Honor society (Arista)-exec treasurer, National Service
Honor Society (Archon)-Exec Treasurer, lifeguarding, like 150 hours of comm service,
5 on BC cal, 4 on stat</p>

<p>taking ap phys, ap us his, ap eng lit</p>

<p>im doing regular for the college of penn.</p>

<p>major in math? im not sure.</p>

<p>BUMP er stickers rule</p>