What's New at Salisbury U.

<p>My D has been looking at Salisbury U (SU), went to visit in July and see really liked what she saw. She has interest in studying art for BFA. Did some research and SU had mixed reviews but seems to be on the upswing. Looked at the Master Plan and there are numerouse projects in the hopper. The one that interests me the most is the library. It is very small for the student population at SU. The initial phase 1 for a new library has been state approved. Now it's a waiting game for state funding and seems dependant on donations as well. As per the President of SU, they are looking at a 200,000 sqft building that will become the center place for learning with many amenities. I suspect that a 100mil dollar project will take a few years to get the money but hope sooner rather than later with a 20-24 month construction time. Other projects include more student housing, athletic facility renovations, a new 65,000 sqft rec center, athletic field house, fine and performing arts center, parking garages and more. All subject to funding of course.<br>
Anyway.... Does anyone have updated info on student life and such at SU. Interested in hearing new info.</p>

My D is a freshman this fall and so far is loving it. She's in a living learning community and really enjoying her dorm as well as all the other activities. Her classes are interesting and challenging. We first saw Salisbury when we were in the area for a cheering competition, then made a point of driving through each time we were in the area. After taking the tour she was sure she wanted to attend. She got into other great schools, but she knew SU was the one. We went down to see her last weekend, met some of her friends and went to a football game. We had a lot of fun, stands were packed and the students really seem like a great group of kids. So far, so good. Just wish it was a little closer for us, we're from NJ.</p>


<p>My best friend's son is at Salisbury this year. He is also from NJ. Aside from picking the kids up or getting a ride what is the best way to get the kids home? My friend's son really likes the school but is having issue with how far it is. (4 1/2 hours from home) and that it's not easy to get home. He took a Greyhound bus once but it was a long journey. </p>

<p>My D is at Delaware and only once she was there did we learn of a bus that goes towards NYC from the school each weekend. Is there anything like this at Salisbury? </p>

<p>Any info would be appreciated. my friend is not a computer gal so I'm hoping I can find out some info for her. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance! :)</p>

<p>UncleAl- thanks for the response. If you can provide an update now that D has a semester under her belt? My D was accepted and excited. Also got in other great school and just want to make sure she evaluates her options. Were also north NJ/NY border so that is about 4.5 - 5 hr drive.</p>

Hey you parents from NJ. My daughter Danielle is looking to tour and apply to Salisbury too and the coach is interested in recruiting her for cross country and track. Since its Div. III and no money for sports, can you tell me approx. what financial aid is given to students from out of state? I’m hearing less than $4,000 a year which sucks if she is going to be 4 1/2 hours away! Should we even bother to tour and investigate?