What's next after depositing $200?

<p>^ and how does housing work?</p>

<p>They should send you an email about University Housing and then they will give you a link. Oh and they should send you an email about making your "Uniquname" for the umich email. So you have to do that first before filling out the University Housing Form. </p>

<p>I just finished filling mine out. :)</p>

<p>And you'll get another email to register for orientation. In fact, if you check WA, you may already be able to enrol for same. S. was signed up before he received the email.
Before orientation you'll want to do the online math and writing assessments, and be prepared for language placement test. You may also wish to review courses using the online calendar available on WA. That way when you have orientation, you'll be a little familiar with classes.
Once all that's under control, you're pretty much free to enjoy your grad and summer!

<p>how long after paying the enrollment deposit do u get these emails?</p>

<p>Oh I got mine a day later</p>

<p>crap. i paid it saturday (yesterday) , could that be why i havent received it yet?</p>

<p>ooh, i just got that email..
thanks guys :)
Go blue!</p>

<p>Sorry to just ask another question in your thread, but...</p>

<p>When are students notified about where they are placed for housing? Whether s/he gets into a learning community?</p>

<p>I was just at an event over the weekend sponsored by the local Michigan Alumni group and we were told that they will be having the housing lottery on May 7th and you could find out anytime after that about where you received housing. I'm not sure if it works out that, the sooner you filled out the housing application, the sooner you find out which one you got. They didn't say.</p>

<p>At a recent campus visit, we were told that as long as the housing applications were in by May 7, they would all go into the same lottery. Applications that miss that deadline would be reviewed in the order they come in.</p>

<p>Figures, they cashed my check the same day I get notified by CarnegieM that I'm off the wait list and now accepted. I have about 24 hr to make the decision of my life. what to do what to do.</p>

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<p>"Before orientation you'll want to do the online math and writing assessments, and be prepared for language placement test. You may also wish to review courses using the online calendar available on WA. "</p>

<p>kmccrindle, I have not yet registered for my orientation. I cliked on the Online Math Placement Exam on WA, then there was a pop out. I signed in and got a messay saying the page has not been published. How did you open the link?</p>

<p>It will also be great if you can give me the link to the online calendar where one can review courses.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>you can access it on June 2.</p>

<p>CWQ90, Eyri is cct that the math placement can't be accessed until June 2. The online writing, however, which takes longer, can be started earlier. I think though you should likely register first for orientation before completing the tests to ensure everything is "connected" in your account (but i could be wrong.)</p>

<p>I can't give you the link because as you know, WA is password protected and specific. But if you go into the new student area, you will see a right hand menu with links such as "Degree Progress/Graduation" and "Class Search / Browse Catalog". If you click on the degree progress, it will show you the requirements for your degree (eg LSA reqs, COE reqs, SOM reqs.) If you click on "class search" you can then search classes by school, department, etc.
Hope that helps.

<p>I just got an email about a checklist that we must complete; it includes all the details, such as housing, orientation, engineering survey, math placements.
you should get one soon...</p>

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<p>Thanks a lot, kmccrindle and Eryi!</p>

<p>Ren the SATer, when did you receive the email checklist? I paid my enrollment deposit two weeks ago, but still haven't received an email like that. Could you list a summary of the checklist here? Thanks a lot!</p>

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