What's on your Holiday wish list this year?

<p>In an attempt to inject some levity into the forum (have you seen the Parents sub forum lately?!? ;-P) at a time when many may be cranking through essays and applications, I throw this "Cafe" random question out to you (students and parents alike):</p>

<p>What's on your Holiday wish list this year?</p>

<p>I'll start...</p>

<p>I've asked for a few new daily wear shirts, with an eye on some nice ones in the many catalogs Patagonia has sent me recently.</p>

<p>Also, and this is almost halfway towards a "world peace" kind of answer, I really want to be able to get away for a day or half-day with SevenDaughter to go skiing (a hobby not shared by my wife or other child).</p>


<p>First of all, acceptances and FA (not getting that on Christmas though haha), then I think....I actually don't want that much stuff this year. I just suddenly realized the enviromental impact we have, you know?</p>

<p>Okay, I'm going to be way more greedy than you two. I really really really really really want an ipad.</p>

<p>I would <em>LOVE</em> a white Christmas. It's rare in our parts, but we had one 2 years ago and had so much fun as a family. It kindof takes away from the "presents" focus and puts the emphasis on seasonal activities!</p>

<p>First of all, I would love to be granted early acceptance + full FA to every school I apply to :P but since that's not going to happen, I want a 13 inch Macbook Pro, which I know I am getting since I've saved up for more than half of it! Finally, all of the hours I spent working my butt off are finally paying off!</p>

<p>PelicanDad: How about we swap? There's a seven-foot high snowman in my front yard right now...but I'd love a 50 degree day for Christmas. Well...maybe not. It is nice to always be guaranteed a white Christmas.</p>

<p>Bump. I'm going shopping this weekend and wanted to know what to buy for all of you...</p>

<p>Non-Material and More Important: I want a peaceful Christmas without any family meltdowns.</p>

<p>Material: This past summer, I shattered my favorite coffee mug that I've had since college and I have been unable to find one just like it. That's what I want for Christmas, a replacement. Linus needs his blanket.</p>

<p>Hassle free and safe plane travel for all!!!!</p>

<p>I'll wish for world peace and a winning lottery ticket would be nice.</p>

<p>Hubby and son bought presents for themselves over Thanksgiving. Saved me the shopping at least. Hmmm... How about unlimited free airline tix between here and BS? In lieu of that, I'll take a gift certificate for a massage or facial.</p>

<p>Well, I'm doing the last of my holiday shopping tomorrow and just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anyone....</p>

<p>I picked DS up from school yesterday and now on the way to airport to pick up DD. Tree is up, fridg. is stocked, let the holiday begin:) Have a safe and happy holidays.</p>

<p>Oh, I just thought of something.</p>

<p>I want something with all the inside jokes I have with some friends i love SO MUCH- they're like my soul sisters- and told them. I just finished making their presents: posters with all the inside jokes we've shared. Shipping them out tomorrow from a really nice and cheap website.
They're going to love them as much as I love my friends <3</p>

<p>There's really nothing that I want and have a chance of getting. Except- how about a new Andover viewbook? My crazy dog chewed mine up today. It was so pretty too... <em>sighs wistfully</em></p>

<p>I want a new snowboard!!!!! my old one is too small for me.</p>

<p>Doc Martens. Not the steel toe ones from the back in the day that look like they were made for trudging through a demilitarize zone (or St. Mark’s Place on a Saturday night), but rather, the modern ones with the embroidered roses and the more feminine look (as if Docs could ever be considered “feminine”).</p>

<p>@NY, St. Marks is my child's Fav. place and black docs are under the tree this year. LOL</p>

<p>I was half expecting that one poster to come on here and call BS on this thread, too! ;-)</p>