What's SDSU really like?

I havent visited the school as of yet. But I would like to hear from alumni and current students about the school. I really love the school but would like to know if moving across the country would be worth it.

I’m not a student there, I’ve sent in an application hoping to get in under their business accounting program. I have visited there twice and I like the environment. It has that urban state school environment and it does make me think of the type of college that you see in tv shows and such. It’s pretty big, humid, has a diverse student population, has a major athletics thing going for it. My economics and accounting professors went there and say it’s a great place. I didn’t see it but I have been told it is a major party school. I also visited UCSD while in the area and the difference is night and day. UCSD has that preppy liberal arts feel going for it. What I’m trying to say is if you’re expecting something along the lines of Harvard or UCB you will most likely be disappointed. If you would like to go somewhere fun, in the middle of the city, and still has great academics you will probably enjoy it. Most alumni mention the girls are really hot and yeah there were many attractive females when I went there. Granted I see plenty in LA schools as well and to me attractive females don’t mean as much to me as other guys but If you want to be see attractive people SDSU has that as well.

Ok, thank you. I plan on visting next semester. But that is a feel I would be looking for. I know college, is about hard work but I would love the balance between hard work and play.