What's something you've learned from a dream?

<p>My aunt told me she is happy as long as she has protein in morning. I found the statement rather dumb in the moment.</p>

<p>BUT, then in the dream I had that night I made the connection that DOPAMINE is SYNTHESIZED from an amino acid (i.e PROTEIN). And I was remorseful about thinking she was dumb for saying that.</p>

<p>One dream told me not to hang out with a certain group of people because I will not benefit from them and they would have bad intentions. And what do you know.</p>

<p>I learned in one dream that sword fights with Darth Vader are pretty scary. And that I don’t like the feeling of endlessly falling.</p>

<p>I learned that I still liked my ex… Woo!</p>

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<p>Not skills that can be legally applied in the real world.</p>

<p>Don’t die due to slipping on a banana. Never (ever) jump from a 20th floor.</p>

<p>i generally don’t remember my dreams once i wake up. Mostly i only remember bad ones if i do any at all…which also i forget/stop caring about soon enough. But i just had a really creepy one this afternoon nap… :(</p>

<p>I’ve learned that Jessica Alba secretly wants to have sex with me on a private beach.</p>

<p>I have dreams that remind me to do things in the morning.</p>

<p>Also, when something bad happens in my dream, sometimes I think to myself that it’s okay 'cause it’s only a dream. It’s pretty trippy.</p>

<p>I also learned not to leave my bedroom door ajar.</p>

<p>I learned the shape of the benzene ring.</p>

<p>^ that is like one of the most inspiring examples there is :).</p>