What's the 411 on City College?

<p>CCNY of the CUNY system.</p>

<p>I'm looking for a Communications/Theatre degree, and I'm wondering about the credibility of the program, and especially the risk factor of being in the heart of Harlem (Though it obviously isn't as bad as the 80's).</p>

<p>What's the surrounding area like? What type of attitude does the student body generally have? Any good extra curricular activities, or will I be seeking things out on my own?</p>


<p>I have been wondering the same thing!</p>

<p>Harlem is actually reasonably safe nowadays. I'm in the area often for work and never have problems.</p>


<p>People don't realize that. My friend's mother won't let him apply since she actually thinks he'll get shot.</p>

<p>You could get shot just as easily downtown at NYU. Or at Columbia, which is only about a half mile from CCNY. Don't rule out the school based on the location. If you do go, just be vigilant walking the streets--same advice for any neighborhood in any big city.</p>

<p>As for quality of the school, can't help you there. Other than my father having attended there in 1954, I have no idea about the school.</p>