What's the best cell phone to get?

<p>Hey ALL!
I'm planning on getting a new cell phone by the end of this month but i dont know which one to get in terms of the brand name!!I'm sooo confused!I could use some help. Does anyone have a personal experience to share regarding a certain brand name for phones? Are samsungs any good??</p>

<p>Comparing between Samsung and Motorola, I think samsung > motorola. My sis and I got our cellphones on the same day (me=samsung, sis=motorola) early last year and couple of days ago, hers just went black and it wont even turn on. (took it to a technician.. he didnt know what was wrong...even tried a new battery).</p>

<p>But hers had more 'cooler' features than mine: like, better picture quality- but I guess that depends on the model..</p>

<p>Oh and when we both dropped it on concrete floor (accidentally), I got a little scratch on mine, even though it landed screen down (it's those pop-up phones).. she broke her internal screen while her flip-fone was closed!</p>

<p>And I noticed that her programme thingees (like, going from picture mode to msg mode) lagged.
And maybe it's a personal preference but I find samsung programme things easier to navigate..</p>

<p>The Chocolate phone by LG is hot right now.</p>

<p>The one that doesn't give you cancer.</p>

<p>That eliminates most of your choice right there.
(Jp - I hope) :D</p>

<p>Which carrier? If you have cingular or t-mobile, you have a huge choice. I really like the nokia 9300i :)</p>

<p>I heard that LG's Chocolate sucked... I haven't had first hand experience with it though, so I'm not sure. My Sanyo 8100 lasted me 3 years and still had a pretty decent amount of life left in it when I got a new one... haha, too bad they're kinda obsolete now. If you're on Sprint, then LG's Fusic is awesome.</p>

<p>I've heard that LGs have to be recharged extremely often...I know someone who had an LG phone, and after a fwe months it had to be charged once a day.</p>

I've heard that LGs have to be recharged extremely often


<p>I've had an LG for nearly 2 years now. I have to charge it daily! It was not a smart choice to buy it.</p>

<p>IMO Nokia is the best there is. It's reliable and long lasting. My whole family has Nokia cell phones and have had them for years now.
sony erricson sucks (does that company even exist anymore). I bought one a few years ago and had it thrown out a few months later.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help! I think i'm either going with a nokia or a samsung, but i can't choose between the two!
Anyone knows which is better than the other?</p>

<p>My sister, mom and I all have Nokia 6010's and they have been junk. They're all less than a year old and are having battery problems and issues with dropping and not recieving calls. Their newer phones might be better, but I'm going to think twice about getting another Nokia.</p>

<p>Whatever fits you best, don't just get a phone because everyone has it.</p>

<p>Nokia's are the best, in my opinion. They barely need charging, and go through trauma without breaking. I charge mine (a Nokia 6101) maybe once every 3 days, and it has been dropped in puddles and on concrete, yet still works perfectly fine.</p>

<p>edit: i think some samsungs look "better" than nokias, but nokias work better.</p>

<p>I have a Sony Erricson K750i right now.. Amazing camera on it and awesome mp3 player as well.... I used to charge it once a week (I use my phone quite a bit...), but now a year later, I have to charge it about once every 4-5 days. I love it.</p>

<p>However, if I were to buy a new phone, I would get a smartphone with a qwerty keypad :)</p>

<p>I have had the motorola razr for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I really like it. Everything works really well and I have really good service wherever I go. Plus, they are pretty fashionable at the moment. BTW, I have Verizon.</p>

<p>sony ericsson k790</p>


<p>i wanted a LG chocolate because it just seems cool but i don't know much about it yet.. my bro got it recently though so if anything happens to that, i will tell you (i'm just getting a razr and he chose it for me so...)</p>

<p>Thanks again for the help everyone:)
Anymore opinions are very much aprreciated!!</p>

<p>D has Verizon at school in NY. She wanted the new Chocolate phone cause it was so hot! I can tell you that I spent 4 days in and out of the Verizon store in NY dealing with tech support.
First - The Chocolate phone only held a 3 HOUR CHARGE - not acceptable - we took it back, they tested it and said it passed all their tests, it must be the charger - tried the charger again - NOPE - still not holding a charge even tho all the equipment checked out.Verizon exchanged the CHOCOLATE for a Razor and we have been very happy.
The CHOCOLATE is an MP3 player + phone. What the ads don't tell you is that you must purchase $100 worth of special cards, wires and V-cast service to download and play music. If you have an I-pod, YOU DO NOT NEED a phone and MP3 player, IMHO. THE CHOCOLATE WAS JUNK and a WASTE OF MONEY.
I have a Nokia with Cellular One (I am in an odd area) I love it. Our Nokia phones have been the most reliable, most tolerant of abuse.</p>

<p>The most important features to shop for - reliable service in your area + battery life. You need a phone, not a camera, or a music player, or a computer.</p>