What's the best way to "keep in touch" after applying?

<p>The pundits urge you to "keep in touch" with the schools after applying. What's the best way? I can't imagine they want thousands phone calls to the admissions office and emails go largely unanswered.

<p>Unless you have a pressing issue or something significant to add to your file, such as winning a fairly major award, I wouldn't contact them. Other ways to make your presence known - visit if you haven't yet done so, so they know you are interested. Also, if the school sends a rep to your school you could meet with them to indicate interest, but phone calls and emails will just seem like pestering.</p>

<p>there was a lengthy post by someone about this last year, unfortunately I didn't save it. The gist is that every contact you have with a college is tracked; they want to know who merely sent in the forms, and who has shown other interest in attending. They have you sign in on college nite for a reason. So attend college nite, visit the college if you can (preferably for an overnite visit), interview with a local alum if thats offered. </p>

<p>Past that the post recommended other things such as writing to a faculty member if there is a genuine area of interest you have, brief emails (infrequently) to the adcom covering your region. However if I remember right this whole campaign began sophomore or junior year so there was demonstrated interest over time, not just between October and April. Personally I think these extra steps are unnecessary.</p>

<p>Lastly keep in mind contact is a relatively minor factor; its easy to become focused on something and blow it out of proportion. You simply want to be an applicant who has shown interest in the college so they understand you are seriously considering them and they aren't just an afterthought.</p>

<p>Yeah. My counselor actually told me this...as A FACT! She said that colleges don't ever tell, and it's supposed to be a big secret. But, they keep like all of your contacts with them, and then, everytime you attend a session, they record it too. I guess, just general questions are good, but, don't over do it. I talked to an adcom, and he is absolutely terrified by the phone calls/emails that come during the season. He says, "I am trying to read, for god sakes, if I have to take time to answer the inquiries, it'll take time away from application reading...so...unless a significant event occures, try to leave the admissions officers alone."</p>

<p>Some record the contacts you keep, others don't. Yale explicitly says that they do not keep track, while small, specialized LAC's may want to verify that you have genuine interest in the school.</p>

<p>If you applied ED/EA and are deferred, send a letter reaffirming your interest in that school and update on achievements/awards. Otherwise, unless you get some major awards, there is no point contacting them.</p>