what's the campus like?

<p>I havent had a chance to visit Gtown yet, so can any one who has seen it/who's a student there tell me what the campus and surrounding area is like?</p>

<p>it's perfect. </p>

<p>when you enter the gates it's the typical college campus with nice buildings, a grassy quad, etc... but THEN you walk outside the gates and it is the best part of d.c.-- georgetown. so there's amazing shopping, amazing restaurants/cafes, amazing nightlife... yeah it's pretty much incredible...</p>

<p>what ilovedogs said. the campus itself is pretty modern/perfect, and outside is even better!</p>

<p>i kid you not, i got tears in my eyes. i'd been looking for the perfect college for me forever, i got there at 6 30 am, the sun was coming up over the clock tower, and i teared up. and georgetown the part of dc is very much like beacon hill, MA, and it's right on the patomac, which is also beautiful.</p>

<p>The surround area...AMAZING. As for the campus itself, I'm a bit torn. Amazing views and nice, but old and pretty packed together. I think I felt this way because I was coming from Duke's expansive campus with stunning gothic architecture and lots of green to a much smaller campus. I got a weird vibe, and so did the two other people from my school who visited. I really don't know why. Maybe cuz everything is really tall and the previous reasons.</p>

<p>The main quad is stunning, but besides that the campus is kind of claustrophobic, i.e. pretty small, all built up, very little green space. Most of the buildings are old and run down. I wonder if poor maintenance is a side effect of having such a small enowment?</p>

<p>Georgetown the neighborhood is everything you could want from a college town and then some. The only drawback is that there is no subway stop, so getting into central DC is a bit of a hassle.</p>

<p>it's very beautiful--georgetown itself is a really classy place. (though rawther expensive.)</p>

<p>like subex and gcards said, it is pretty condensed. but the old buildings are awesome. the first view i ever got of gu was the big gate on the hill, with the huge hoya sign. i loved it! then i went back for the real campus visit, and i was pretty impressed then.</p>

<p>maybe it's just b/c i love dc, but i think the environment is great. and subex, i think they said something about buses that will take students out to the various metro stations, etc. i actually saw one of those buses last summer, when i was @ thomas sweet (the best ice cream place in the world!) in georgetown. so they do exist.</p>

<p>i guess it will either fit your taste or not, but it seemed pretty nice to me.</p>

<p>Um, I'm not exactly sure what subex is talking about...
3 buildings were recently built on the southwest part of campus, revonations were recently done on New South, revonations are currently being done on 2 buildings on the main quad, the new sports field was done in september, the gym was just redone, the Arts building was just completely 2 months ago. I don't think the buildings are rundown, and if anything they add character because you can tell that they are old and important. Part of one building is pretty old, but hey George Washington gave a speech there so I'm not complaining, it's historic.
Maybe it just wasn't right for you, but i think campus and the georgetown area is pretty sweet.</p>

<p>Also, subex, while buildings like the Intercultural center and Reiss Science building look rundown from the outside, the interiors of both buildings are new and high tech. While they are not the most attractive buildings on the exterior, they are by no means old and run down.</p>

<p>yeah...the only really ugly building i saw was the library, but it wasn't rundown. just hideous.</p>

<p>The library is a mecca for post-post modern crackheads, what are you talking about? it is genius, it is just misunderstood.</p>

<p>I'm just kidding. But if I told you it was a 70s-style modern interpretation of Healy Hall would you like it better?</p>

<p>The only thing I would complain about is Yates. It is very oddly designed (talk about wasted space) and there aren't enough machines and the ones that they have are not top of the line. If you are going to charge me $300 a year whether I go there or not, spruce that place up. The door to the raquetball court is practically a piece of plywood with a hole sawed in it and a piece of plexi glass jammed in that.</p>

<p>I know my opinion is a little harsh, and maybe I was just very disappointed.</p>

<p>The main two buildings at the east entrance are true classics: no college anywhere can top them. But the truth is that the main campus is behind those buildings, and it is an architectural mess. The campus is dominated by the oversized cultural center, which has a bizarre slanted solar panel roof. I guess it was high tech 20 years ago, but it is hideous outside and confusing inside. The other buildings are no better. There are no long vistas or walkways. The gym and student athletic center are dungeons. The library is so ugly it is almost interesting. The renovated dorms would be OK except they are accessed by what are effectively alleys: no green in sight. </p>

<p>The Jesuit cemetary is enchanting, and if it was not surrounded by such a mess would be a lovely place. </p>

<p>Sure the Potomac is nearby, but there is a massive highway in between the school and the river, so what good is it? </p>

<p>Georgetown itself is one of the most interesting communities in the U.S, and D.C. is always fascinating. I never tire of the monuments or walking by the White House at night. So, if you plan on hanging out in G'town and the District, then the campus is well located, but do not plan on finding inspiration on campus.</p>


<p>I wanted to go to Wharton, but one hour at Georgetown changed all of that.</p>