What's the civil and environmental engineering program like?

Hey CC’ers!

I’m looking at Tufts as my top choice, but would like to know more about their civE and environmental engineering programs. They’re both ABET accredited so I guess the quality would be fine, but how would they compare to somewhere like Columbia (in terms of teaching quality, support, etc)? And also, is Tufts conducive to double majoring?


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Tufts isn’t really known for being particularly special in STEM. Do you have an in-state flagship like Michigan, Illinois, or Wisconsin avaiable? If so, those programs are far superior (and likely more affordable) than that of Tufts.

@sparco2 looking at your posting history, you seem to be (reasonably) concerned with earnings potential out of undergrad. I don’t know about those engineering sub-disciplines, but Tufts engineering grads do very well (especially CS) on payscale, and anecdotally I can tell you the tufts grads I’ve met in tech startups in Boston have been very impressive. I’ve also worked with plenty of Harvard and MIT grads and I would say that Tufts grads on balance compare favorably.

If you match (Questbridge) with Tufts, your cost ($0) will be lower than your in-state flagship. Even if you don’t match, but get in RD, your cost will probably be lower.

In my opinion double majoring (unless there is a large overlap) is quite difficult at Tufts Engineering. You are taking 5 classes per semester Sophomore-Senior years just to complete your ABET Engineering and Major requirements. Certainly do-able, but it’s not conducive to this as you ask.

From a Questbridge strategy perspective, I think Tufts is a great choice given your admissions profile.

I disagree with @WildestDream - it may not have the name recognition but many of my friends who’ve graduated in the last 5-8 years with degrees in engineering or science fields have done very well (both going into industry and staying in academia).

To answer the question asked by @sparco2, I don’t have much personal experience with CivE/EnvE at Tufts (and much less at Columbia) but I can say that everyone I know who was in CEE at Tufts and did well in their courses has had a successful career so far, with several having gone on to do graduate work at Stanford, Berkeley, Michigan, Harvard, and elsewhere.

As far as double majoring I personally doubled in MechE/math; there was a lot of overlap so it wasn’t too tough.