Whats the deal with ACT Reading and Science?

<p>Everytime I look at like collegeboard or princtonreview or anywhere for that matter, I always only see 1. the composite 2. the math 3. the english and 4. sometimes the "writing". I just dont understand why colleges report all of the necessary avg SAT scores (reading, math, and writng) but they NEVER go in to the necessary detail to fully note what the avgs are for each section of the ACT. Colleges make it seem like the reading and the sciences are virtually unimportant because of the fact that they dont report them. Why is this? It makes it seem like colleges are more SAT friendly rather than ACT friendly, but yet they all say "we treat both tests EQUALLY" I say if that is the case then please provide the necessary info so that we could understand more about the class avgs for each section of the ACT.</p>

<p>^ Agreed. 10char</p>

<p>If you find out...let us know. I've wondered the same thing.</p>

<p>I'll assume Collegeboard.com doesn't really care about ACT subject scores bc they are way more concerned with their own testing. I'd really like to know the section breakdown for schools though!</p>