What's the Deal with Out-of-State?

<p>OK I've been wondering this for a long time and I haven't really been able to find a comprehensive answer. Why exactly do the UC schools have such extremely low percentages of students from out of state?? I live in Pennsylvania and I was accepted into UC Davis and UC Irvine and my stats are nothing special, so it can't be THAT much harder for OOS applicants to get in. Is there some other reason that out-of-state students don't want to apply to UC schools? For example, though I was accepted to Davis they essentially gave me no financial aid whatsoever, so I can't go there. Is this a way of deterring out-of-staters from applying to UC's?</p>

<p>They just seem like such great schools, it's hard to believe more people from other states don't apply when it's evidently not that hard to get in OOS.</p>

<p>University of California from the start was meant to serve Californians and California residents first before any other. Their mission is to ensure that at least the top 12.5% graduates from California high schools and those coming out of California Community Colleges gets accepted to at least one UC. Of course, they accept far more California students than what they are meant to do, so I could just say they are mandated to be biased for California students, OR the OOS applicants in general are not a competitive group. </p>

<p>Another reason as you now have just experienced, is the cost. Residents of California have lower tuition fees since either they or their parents paid California state taxes in which some portion of it is used to fund the UC system. Basically it's using California's money to fund California's universities for California's students. Anyone out of that loop is going to get some indirect rough treatment >_></p>

<p>So I believe OOS students have low acceptance rates since they have low priority, face huge financial costs (UC students whose residency are in California are complaining about their costs, so imagine what it's like for OOS), and know that the UC system has a reputation for being tough for OOS students, even if it's false and unwarranted. These reasons may deter excellent OOS applicants that might otherwise have been accepted and raise the percentage a bit. </p>

<p>Probably a different story for UC graduate schools however.</p>

<p>i'm out of state. i got 22k total in fin aid @ davis. waiting for irvine. got rejected to SD and LA =[</p>