What's the difference between Rice's Interim Decision and other EA's?

<p>Does applying SCEA to another school bar me from applying Interim Decision to Rice? Or is Interim Decision completely different than Early Action?</p>

<p>its different....rice has an ED option as well.
you can apply to Rice ID regardless of any other SCEA or ED apps youve already sent.
.........atleast i think so!</p>

<p>yes, that's true. </p>

<p>interim is a great option b/c you can figure out whether you got in earlier and skip all the one-school binding hassle.</p>

<p>Cool...then I'm definitely applying Interim Decision to Rice!</p>

<p>I think it's the same as Early ACtion...in that you find out early but do not need to tell them if you want to go until May. Early Decision on the other hand is a binding agreement that if you get in you will go.
EA and ID are a great way to save a lot of stress =)</p>