What's the first day of school at Rice like?

<p>I mean the official, "there's class today" first day.</p>

<p>Hectic. Seriously, it might take away from the experience if I describe it too much. It is an interesting time and it varies from person to person.</p>

<p>It is truly a unique experience. As a freshman who walked into their first gen chem class just a few months ago, I can tell you that it is a bit intimidating opening the door to a class of 250 new faces and a professor who is the dean of undergraduates. But fear not; you've chosen Rice. And with time, you’ll find that those unfamiliar faces will become your best friends and Dean Hutch is more of a father figure than anything else. Get pumped!</p>

<p>:D Wait, there are small classes too, right? o.O.</p>

<p>It was a unique experience. I don't really have a good way of explaining it, honestly. haha Liberating, terrifying, exciting, lots of words. Most memorable feeling was the relief at the fact that I only had three hours of class, rather than eight.</p>

<p>Yeah there are plenty of small classes, the only large ones are the intro classes. The rest are usually 15-30 students, it seems.</p>

<p>The first day of classes hasn't really stuck in my memory. That whole time period is a pretty exciting blur, though.</p>

<p>I remember being slightly sad that O-Week ended. Although I was happy to get some sleep.</p>

<p>Yeah I was actually really sad that O-Week was over. The first day after that was a little alienating, but also really, really exciting. I say alienating cause you just spent a week with the same people, then you wake up the Saturday after O-Week ends and there's a campus full of new people, new activities, etc, just overnight. A lot of the familiarity you built up during O-Week goes out the window. It was only a brief event, though, so don't worry. I found it really interesting to experience.</p>

<p>It was most definitely nice to sleep. haha</p>