What's the last thing you had in your mouth today...

<p>i think the one who asked what you were drinking right NOW really meant to start this thread...</p>

<p>i would write it here, but i don't think my sister's girlfriend would appreciate it</p>


<p>a cookie. =P</p>

<p>An Egg Roll</p>

<p>:bump: 10char?</p>

<p>80 cigars at the same time</p>

<p>Flavor Blasted Goldfish (Xtra Chedder). This must be what it feels like to be a gangsta</p>

<p>The name of this thread gives very bad impressions...</p>

<p>i agree.</p>

<p>chocolate mint ice cream though for me.</p>

<p>Fresh local strawberries</p>

<p>this thread is very philosophical...and it will help us know another aspect of cornellians...</p>

<p>my pen.....</p>