What's the longest time you've ever been grounded??

<p>Now, i'm not a bad kid or anything, but i'm grounded ALLLLLLLLLLL the time. lol, i think out of the past 12 months I've spent 5 of them grounded. Granted each time it was my fault, but in my defense I have the type of parents who are like "you were 10 minutes late for curfew once?? you're grounded for two months". No i'm not exaggerating, that just happened. </p>

<p>Last year I got grounded all of March including spring break, it turned out for the better because i studied for the SAT the whole time and discovered CC lol!</p>

<p>I spent all of last summer grounded, except august when i got to have a 10pm curfew! Oh the freedom! </p>

<p>And now i'm grounded for two more months for being late for curfew. But i guess this isn't the first time, I was late once on my bike back in 8th grade and got grounded for 6 months. </p>

<p>Is this much grounding normal for someone who doesn't have any behavioral issues? What's the longest you've ever been grounded for and what did you do??</p>

<p>I've never been grounded for behavior problems (probably because I'm a really passive person) but I've been grounded for grades plenty of times.</p>

<p>Wow that is a little harsh. But still, if your parents grounded you for 6 months for breaking curfew, wouldn't you try to be extra careful from then on? Or do you not mind being grounded??? Personally my parents take away my computer, internet, etc rather than grounding. Actually my mom took away my keyboard and mouse just yesterday but I found an extra pair in the attic :)</p>

<p>I never had a curfew though because my parents really trust me, the only reasons I ever get punished is for arguing.</p>

<p>I dont have a curfew or "grounding" or anything. Go figure, Indian parents! (I didn't know what being grounded was until like 4th grade lol). </p>

<p>But your punishments do seem a little harsh. My parents are more of the "we trust you, we'll have a discussion if you do something bad" type. The worst punishment I ever got was when I was 6 and I had to sit in the laundry room for 5 minutes because I didn't eat my vegetables or something :)</p>

<p>I've never really been grounded. I've been scolded and sometimes my parents got physical, until I started fighting back. Now it's just scoldings.</p>

<p>Same as jcsmooth except my parents hardly ever hit me</p>

<p>I've never been grounded.</p>

<p>I probably should have been though. I've been out pretty late recently with my boyfriend, but my parents know I'm a good kid, so they don't feel the need to punish me, really.</p>

<p>When my mom tries to get testy with me, I just laugh.
I'm never grounded anymore.
I'm that type of person that can truly learn from mistakes without getting punished.</p>

<p>i have never been grounded. They never really get mad, the only time hey get mad is if i am blasting my music like at 3 or 4 in the morning.

<p>No curfew, no grounding, no punishment...</p>

<p>Is that normal?</p>

<p>" We ain't like no white people, we don't give time-outs." - random YT video</p>

<p>Isn't that the one that ends with, "We have this little thing we call... knock-out!"? :P</p>

<p>I guess you could call this grounding, my friends were caught drinking by some cops. Parents had to pick us all up, I couldn't drive my car after 9PM for the rest of the summer (like a week left). It was practically nothing, but I've learned my lesson, no drinking in "public" areas at night.</p>

<p>I was grounded from birth till death</p>

<p>I don't get grounded, I get beat by my parents. I kid, I kid. I don't get "grounded" and my parents usually don't care what I do as long as I get the grades.</p>

Is this much grounding normal for someone who doesn't have any behavioral issues? What's the longest you've ever been grounded for and what did you do??


<p>Your parents are ridiculous dude. Its not normal, they are retarded for sheltering you so much</p>

<p>Longest i've been grounded was a week or so, in elementary.</p>

<p>My curfew is midnight on school nights (unless I call and tell them im staying longer) and 3AM on weekends (unless i call and tell them im staying longer)</p>

<p>0 days and 0 hours and 0 minutes</p>

<p>My parents are Asian. I'm grounded forever.</p>

<p>At home, I didn't have a curfew (largely because I didn't stay out too late of my own accord), so then when I did want to stay out, I could stay out until like 6 AM only by asking.</p>

<p>I'm now at a boarding school, and, if I take privs (privelages), I can stay out until 10 on weeknights. If I don't, i have to be back by 8. (how many nights per week you have privs is determined by GPA)</p>

<p>(the high school is located on a college campus, so they're WAYYYY overprotective).</p>

<p>Pretty much the same as jcsmooth.</p>