What's the maximum transferable credits limit at Harvard?

<p>I was wondering if someone knew what the limit is and could tell me, as it would be nice to know since they're always so vague about this on the Web site. </p>

<p>Oh, yeah, I do know that they only allow two full years of academic work to transfer, but what I want to know is the numeral amount.</p>


<p>Well from what i heard, 72 credits is the maximum credits period, so i'm guessing that's the number you're looking for. That comes out to 18 units a semester.</p>

<p>Between 60 and 64.</p>

<p>I believe this was stipulated in last year's application as well as on the website. Questions like this are usually answered by most of the literature they distribute or FAQ online.</p>

<p>You could also email the adcoms, but 72 seems much too large. They don't expect students to enter having taken 18-hour semesters continuously. Most schools expect 15 or 16 hours per semester which is where most arrive at the 60-64 mark. </p>

<p>I could be wrong.</p>

<p>I think up40 is right. The reason behind the (about) 60 semester units max is so that your post-transfer can claim that most of your education happens at their campus. Which is why they give you their Bachelor's degree. That's also why campuses like Brown and most others require you spend a minimum of four semesters at their campus before you're elligible to obtain a degree.</p>

<p>I don't know what to do with my credits: I have credits from Purdue in an unrelated major that I am not sure will transfer to my new major, and then credits from a Calif. community college in my new major(s) that will transfer, so I don't know how many I have. All told, I am sure I have >150 units, but I think at least 80 are not applicable to my new major. Anyone have any thoughts??</p>