What's the most elite college I can expect to be able to attend

I’m asian
SAT 2090 cr670/math770/writing650
SATII 790 math 2 and 720 chem
gpa 3.48 unweighted,4.23 weighted

I bombed my freshman year. I ended up with 3.07 unweighted gpa.
I had B in algebra 2 gt
I had B in English 9 honors
I had B in us history honors
I had B in Health
I had A in PE
I had B in art
I had B in biology GT
I had B in german I honors

My sophmore year improved. I had 3.71 unweighted
I got A in statistics AP 5 on exam
I got A in precalc GT
I got A in biology Ap 4 on exam
I got A in English 10 honors
I got B in gov honors
I got B in german 2 honors
I got A in physics GT

My junior year is fine I had 3.57

I got A in World History AP 3 on exam
I got A in psychology AP 3 on exam
I got A in Calc AB AP 5 on exam
I got B in Chem Ap 3 on exam
I got B in physics Mech Ap 4 on exam
I got B in English 11 Ap and i did not take exam
I got A in Chinese 3 honors

My senior year schedule is
Differential Equations GT
Calculus C AP
Environmental science AP
Micro/Macroeconomics AP
English 12 Honors
Foundations of Technology
Chinese 4 AP

For first quarter senior year, I have all As except B in English.

What state do you reside?

I advise you to pick for fit, rather than eliteness. What other preferences do you have and what is your budget?

I’m in Maryland and my family is rich

The tippy tops are not going to be an option. What is your home state? Proposed major? Financial situation? It is Nov. 2 – what does your current list look like? Do you have a safety identified that you are willing to attend and can afford?

My home state is Maryland, I’m majoring in STEM. My parents are rich. My safety school is UMD. UMD is affordable.

I agree with @BrownParent, you need to go for fit, not prestige. The money won’t buy your admittance if you don’t have the expected GPA, test scores and stats.

So what else is on your list now? I don’t think anyone out here is going to just start throwing out schools without more info, especially if all you care about is prestige. STEM is broad – what kind of STEM?

UM-CP and UM-BC should be considered no better than matches with an UW 3.48. Occasionally there are ugly surprises even for very strong candidates. For an in-state Public U safety, look for your specific major(s) at Bowie State, Frostburg, Morgan State, Salisbury, Towson, and UM-Eastern Shore.

If your parents are fully ready, willing, and able to pay $60k or more each year, there are lots of options around the country. Just run any of the college-matching search engines for your GPA, SAT scores, and specific major(s) and see what turns up.

Does your high school have Naviance? Have you met with your high school’s college counselor? Did you let the early deadlines pass by without filing any applications?

You can get into almost any STEM program other than the top tier (ie. Ivy League, Stanford, MIT, CalTech, Harvey Mudd, Berkeley, et al). RPI or WPI are moderate reaches for you. VA Tech is probably within reach. Lehigh is also in the high-match/low-reach range for you. You belong to one of the most competitive applicant pools: Asian males interested in STEM, and the admissions scenario is pretty tough. I would advise you not to waste time and money applying to the most selective programs. Most of them are wealthy institutions where an ability to pay won’t offer you much of an advantage. Drexel and Northeastern are possible: you have a solid shot at admission if you aren’t worried about paying their high tuitions. Lehigh and Bucknell are also moderate reaches, and Lafayette is more of a high match for you.
UMD-CP is an excellent option for STEM, but if you want to go somewhere else consider Pitt, Stevens Institute, Temple, Clemson, UC Santa Cruz, University of Colorado, Michigan State, and Tulane (more of a reach, but possible if you aren’t pursuing any scholarship money).

3.48 unweighted,4.23 weighted



That’s a problem. However, there may be some better privates that want more full-pay warm bodies. Even at “need-blind” schools there may be a way to convey that to Admissions…lol…maybe casually include a mention in an essay that you’re grateful that your family can pay for any school. :wink:


Loyola Maryland
Santa Clara

Try some more midwest privates that want more Asians.

Purdue would probably be a match. GPA is low but scores probably make up for it.