What's the MOST important thing Cornell looks for in its applicants?

<p>What's the MOST important thing Cornell looks for in its applicants? SAT scores? GPA? Essay? After school activities? Community Service? Which ONE thing is important for Cornell?</p>

<p>You're going to need a lot of everything...</p>

<p>But here's what they say about what they look for in relative importance:</p>

<pre><code> Secondary school record: Very important
Class rank: Important
Recommendation(s): Very important
Standardized test scores: Very important
Essay: Very important
Interview: Considered
Extracurricular activities: Very important
Talent/ability: Very important
Character/personal qualities: Considered
Alumni/ae relation: Considered
Geographical residence: Considered
State residency: Considered
Religious affiliation/commitment: Not considered
Minority status: Considered
Volunteer work: Considered
Work experience: Considered

<p>Which college are you going for? It differs a little for each.</p>

<p>Well either Columbia or Cornell.</p>

<p>I sent you what Cornell specifically looks for in its applicants.</p>

<p>What I meant was, to which college at Cornell are you looking to apply?</p>

<p>pre-med , biological sciences</p>

<p>he means college by Arts&Sciences, Hotel School, Engineering ...</p>

<p>looks like you still have a lot of research to do...</p>

<p>passion for learning</p>

<p>pvj sums it up, they want to see passion, about anything. anyone can have a good gpa or sat, but only some kids are extremelly dedicated to something.</p>