What's the point of pears?

<p>Or should that be, what are the point of pears? idk</p>

<p>In my experience, pears have always been like worse apples. Their skin is thicker, they're flesh is drier and more mealy, and they taste less good. Why do we bring them to supermarkets then? Does anyone actually go to the produce section, look at the apples and pears next to each other and think "hmmm.... I think I will go with a pear this time. I don't really like apples."</p>

<p>Although now I feel bad. Without human support, all species of pear may go extinct. I was rash. Human beings should not grow plants solely (for you, Warts) because they taste good. I have spoken without thinking. Forgive me, plants. May you all, from the tastiest nectarine to the most disgusting warty thing squash, fluorish with the friendship of man!</p>


<p>Asian pears are way better than the green, mealy pears. They're crisp, juicy, and fragrant. Not a sad amalgam of mush and bland.</p>

<p>I say we create a fruit ranking system. Rankings will be determined by a number of factors including edible mass to cost ratio, a standardized test of juiciness, a standardized bitter or sweet test, and whether or not the fruit is commonly on sale. Of course you shouldn't pick your fruit completely by the rankings, some highly ranked fruit just might not be for you.</p>

<p>Fruit ranking:</p>

<h1>1) Avocado</h1>

<p>then everything else.</p>

<p>Official fruit power rankings</p>



<p>Actually, according to the official ranking system it's</p>


<p>asian mangos
north american pears
british apples (I'm not sure if these were imported though....)
north american apples
north american clementines</p>

<p>not all of the same kind of fruit are created equal. region plays a big role ;)
also, pears are delicious (except for the asian kind)</p>

Or should that be, what are the point of pears? idk


<p>Interesting question. I think the point are to eat.</p>

<p>The official list can take any form so long as bananas are at the bottom. Just below durians.</p>

<p>The point of pears is to serve a decorative function by occupying an equally decorative bowl on a hand-crafted table.</p>

<p>Health</a> Benefits of Pear</p>

<p>Green grapes>Kiwis>Granny smith apples>purple grapes>pear=red apples
lol this list is only 1/4 complete lol. The point of pears. For someone who is allergic to apples know what it might taste like. Otherwise you have to admits it have more style then the rounded apples.</p>

<p>I notice everyone seems to have forgotten the fruit where you get the most substance for the least amount of work:

<p>Often you don't even have to use a knife. Just drop one on the ground and you'll have 3-5 pounds of easily accessible and delicious food. Nobody can say that black people aren't practical (I can say that cuz I'm half black)</p>

<p>I do love a good watermelon. The thing is though, I only like the pinkish part near the rims because the red part is way too darn sweet. Is this just me?</p>

let me add some fruit
Watermelon+Green grapes>Kiwis>Granny smith apples>(strawberry>)purple grapes>pear=red apples>>>>dried fruits -_-</p>

<p>@dfree124: What source are you getting this from? My rankings were taken straight from US News and World Report. QED.</p>

<p>Also, melons are GROSS.</p>

<p>Some melons are nicer than others.</p>

<p>Like watermelon lmao. And forget the sources rankings. It not like most people follow them.</p>

<p>Who in here like grapefruit? Cause I can't even lick and not spit it out.</p>