What's the probabililty?

<p>What’s the chance that Brown will accept 3 people from the same school? 2 people?<br>
Out of the 3 people (one being me) applying to Brown at my school, who do you think has the best and worst chance of getting in?</p>

<p>Candidate A
White Female
Rank: Lower than C, higher than B, top 3%?
SATs: probably a bit higher than candidate 2
ECs: Probably a bit fewer than C and B, varying types, leadership role,
Special Note: Spent a year at in international school in Europe</p>

<p>Candidate B
White Female
Rank: A bit lower than C and A, top 5%?
SATs: probably a little lower than A and C
ECs: probably a bit more than A and C, varying types and a bunch devoted to music, leadership roles
Special Note: Brown is her first choice, which will probably be brought out in the application</p>

<p>Candidate C
White Female
Rank: Valedictorian
SATs: probably a bit higher than B
ECs: probably more than A, less than B, varying types, leadership roles
Special Note: She did a Summer program at an ivy league and was rejected from that school ED</p>

<p>All of us are full IB students at an inner-city public school in a mid-atlantic state.</p>

<p>it's hard to say, but if the essays convey the sincere intention to attend Brown, B might get in due to her ECs. Difficult to predict due to insufficient information.</p>

<p>i agree that there is no way to predict. i'm kind of dealing with the same thing right now. I think there are at least three other girls from my school applying to Brown! We all are pretty similar in terms of our interests and EC's. I'm academically stronger than all of them, but who knows how it will all work out. AGH</p>

<p>whats the ballpark for SAT scores?</p>

<p>if you all scored like a 1550, you might all get in</p>

<p>if u all got a 1400, you might all be rejects</p>

<p>i think the range is maybe somewhere from 2100 to 2200, but i'm not sure</p>

<p>There's no way to predict. Last year, Brown accepted only 1 person from my class of 64 (of 3 applicants). The previous 3 years it has taken 2 people each year from classes of 75ish. It's really hard to know.</p>