What's the problem?

<p>My friend said that you can view a copy of your actual SAT essay. Is this true? I just see my score on the essay in my score report. If so, how do I open my essay (the one written on test day)??</p>

<p>Keep trying. It's there.</p>

Every time I click on anything that says essay, it is just a popup telling me what the SAT essay is. I am talking about the actual essay in my handwriting, not the score. Thanks!!</p>

<p>I haven't looked for the essay this year, so they may have changed the format, but I know I could find the essay before. They have the information separated into what your score is and also a whole copy of your essay. I've even copied it, but finding it wasn't obvious. Sorry I can't help you, but I know you can find it if you keep trying. Let me know when you find it.</p>

<li>Go to "understand your test performance".</li>
<li>Click the "Writing" tab.</li>
<li>Click the subtab named "Your essay".</li>

<p>Thanks Jeffery. It has been two years since I last did that, but I knew it was there.</p>

<p>I found it !!
Thanks guys!</p>