What's the real deal about drug use on campus?

<p>Although there is little to no posting about Eckerd on CC, other web forums talk extensively about open drug use (pot, acid) on campus and no policing of it. What's the truth? My student is very interested in Eckerd because of its size, location, and majors, but I am a bit concerned as a parent that we'll be sending her to a drug user haven. My student is wise and not one to succumb to peer pressure but we want her to have decent learning environment. We're not naive and prudish, went to college ourselves and understand what goes on and the "experiences" of college. But geez, some of these other forums make Eckerd sound like the Amsterdam of Florida! Any insight folks?</p>

<p>As a current student at Eckerd College, I can tell you the truth about drug use on campus. Eckerd, by far, is not "the Amsterdam of Florida." Like any college or university across the nation, there are drugs at Eckerd - but that is not to say that everyone at Eckerd participates or uses. In reality, drugs are very small at Eckerd. Eckerd offers a wide range of possibilities to all of its students - and the chance to meet many new people, from different backgrounds, is one of those possibilities. Through this blend of different cultures and ideas here at school, students are able to grow personally and discover themselves as individuals. Although drugs may be present on campus, they do not play a vital role in campus life. The atmosphere that Eckerd students create through their ideologies is very relaxed. There are no threats of peer pressure or the feeling of humiliation if one refuses to do something at Eckerd. Everyone just wants to others to have enjoy the time they are having - and the choice on how to do that is entirely up to the individual. The students at Eckerd really just want to learn and grow as human beings. They want to experience life to the fullest, and Eckerd gives them the amazing opportunity to do just that.</p>

<p>My dd spent the first two years of college at Eckerd and will be returning in the Fall for her senior year. She is not into drugs and hasn't mentioned any widespread drug use at Eckerd. I think Eckerd is like most other schools. It's there and if you look for it, you'll find it. If you don't want to participate, you don't have to.</p>

<p>Thanks sckerr and ca_mom2000. Your comments are helpful and assuring. It just seemed that other websites had a great deal of negative comments on open, unpoliced drug use -- seemingly beyond what one would find on a typical college campus. Maybe you have read them. In any event, we have also discussed the topic with a local family who has a student at Eckerd, and they seemed to echo what you both said. Thanks again.</p>

<p>I am glad that you posted this question. After all of the research to find the "right" college for your son or daughter, the next most important issue is how comfortable they will be living, studying and actively participating as a member of the campus community. My husband and I are members of the Eckerd College Parent Council and have a son, a 2009 graduate, and a daughter who will graduate in May. We discussed with them aspects of your question. Neither of them ever felt uncomfortable, unsafe or pressured to participate in activities involving drugs, (both stated that some students smoke pot but were unaware of any other type of drug use). I think that sckerr, in one of the above posts beautifully explained the type of students who attend Eckerd and gave an overview to the campus community. I hope that you were able to spend time on campus, speaking with current students, faculty and staff. You would have found them to be honest and forthcoming in their conversations. At a recent Explore Eckerd Weekend, one dad discussed the use of pot on campus and stated that he was relieved to have recieved the same information from everyone he spoke with on campus. Another important aspect to your question is how does the college respond to the use of drugs and alcohol. Eckerd is pro active with a drug and alcohol program that must be completed by all freshman, prior to the start of Autum Term. There are also programs, role playing, speakers and counselors that are part of Autum Term mandatory activities. The policies are also reviewed by the RA's in dorm meetings. Student Life's priority is the health and safety of all students. You can review these policies as posted under student life on the website. Students travel an average of over 900 miles to attend Eckerd, they tend to be very supportive of their peers and proud of their school. If you would like any of the parents on the Parent Council to speak with you, feel free to send an email to us. There is a Parent Council link on the Eckerd.edu website. I wish you and your student the best of luck in the college search.</p>

<p>Thanks ECmotherx2. Again, your comments are assuring. Glad it has worked out well for your kids at Eckerd. Eckerd seems like a great place and matches as a good fit for our student. This drug thing was sort of the only "unknown." We are in VA and hope to take our student for an Eckerd visit soon.</p>