What's the social life at Providence? PC vs. Fairfield?

<p>Is there enough activity and events at PC? Does it grow old for upperclassmen? What's the difference b/w PC vs. Fairfield U?</p>

<p>I have a friend who is in his last year at PC and he likes it. It is smaller than a BC or ND or even Villanova, but it's a great school with a solid set of activities for students. Being in Providence makes it cool, since the city is not a bad walking city, has good pizza, and has Brown and Rhode Island School of Design, plus lots of URI tie-ins. He's musically-inclined so he is in the band (one of them.. I think it's a concert band) and plays in a jam band that does parties, so he may be having an extraordinarily better time compared to average students. But he is very pro-PC and has made some good friends there whom I have met. He says it is a school you cannot get lost in -- small enough to allow you to make a splash if you want.</p>

<p>My cousin goes to Fairfield (sophomore) and also likes it a lot. Lots of rich kids there (from Long Island, etc) so that's bit of a drag when they tool around in their BMW that Dad bought them. But one of his roommates is one of those rich kids with Daddy's AMEX card and a Lexus, so my cuz gets to go along for the ride often. Fairfied is not in a densely populated area... the town is kind of a sleepy bedroom suburb with the usual Subways and CVS and Target stores. Closest city is Bridgeport, CT, which is a major dump from what I have seen. There is a flow of Fairfield students into NYC on the weekends, but most stay on campus and the social scene that I have seen there 2 or 3 times I have gone was good. </p>

<p>I had not thought about it until your posted question but, honestly, I think the students at the two schools are a lot alike in their demeanor. I think both schools are fun to attend.. PC is in a city that offers much to do and sports (hoop) are big draws; I saw more drinking and house party stuff at Fairfield. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>I have heard, living in CT, that Fairfield has much more of a drinking culture. Providence students drink but maybe it is being involved in other things or more of a religious presence, but it doesn't seem to dominate.
My S's friend went to Providence and at first was shocked how much the students drank, but then found many who didn't. All I seem to hear about Fairfield is about the party atmosphere....I would visit both if you were applying to see what your might observe.</p>