What's the Statistics Placement Exam like?

<p>I have to take it.
All the website states is that it's high school math?</p>

5 on AP Calc BC
4 on AP Stats
A in Calc 3
A in Linear Algebra
A in DiffEq</p>

<p>So easy. What are you majoring in? I know you don't need it for stat 103, but for the other ones I think you do need to take it.</p>

<p>one of my majors is physics. i need just one stats class for certain medical schools. i can't even register for STA 10 without taking the placement test in august.</p>

<p>stat 10 is for all intents and purposes a remedial class. Do not even try to get into this class. Just show up for the placement test, do as well as you can (it's literally, algebra and ****), and take whatever stat you need (102 maybe?)</p>

<p>I took AP Stats this year, but I don't even want to try and guess how I did on that exam. In the event that I don't get a 5 and have to take the placement exam, would I be required to take the placement exam this summer/fall even though I don't plan to take a statistics course until next spring or later, or would I be able to take it at a later time?</p>