what's the student body like at gu?

<p>I've heard the people at Georgetown are preppy and stuck up. I realize that I shouldn't believe everything I hear, but a college professor at GovSchool urged me not to apply, also because I am an involved, but not conservative, catholic.</p>

<p>haha any college professor that "urged you not to apply" to Georgetown is an idiot.</p>

<p>Sure you see a few polos and boat shoes when your walking around, but the people Im hanging with at the moment are the most chilled out fun people ever.</p>

<p>Dont cross Georgetown off your list just because of a stereotype thats pretty false.</p>

<p>Before coming here I was worried that my laid back californian style clothes wouldn't fit in and that I'd be surrounded by people in preppy clothing. But really people don't care how you dress. As for the stuck up part, I really don't see it much. All of the people I've met and have been hanging out with are not stuck up at all and are really sweet. You just have to find the right crowd to hang out with.</p>

<p>we're awesome. Any stereotype you've heard, is false... you see people walking around in anything here, from Lacoste to PJs... oh and BTW, I have yet to see a 'popped collar'</p>