Whats the usual salary increase by year

<p>For someone with an MBA. I see schools w/ an average starting salary around 90g-100g. But what % does it usually increase per year?</p>

<p>And how about an undergraduate degree in Finance? I see average starting salaries around 50-55g. What is the increase per year (average)</p>

<p>Salary is generally pegged to some measure of inflation %/or industry norms PLUS where your starting salary sits within the range of compensation for your job classification PLUS your performance rating &/or promotions. Bonuses are often tied to corporate performance, department performance and/or your performance rating. </p>

<p>In general, there is no simple calculation to predict what you will be earning in the next 5 years. Much of that will depend on your performance (including your ability to get promoted), the company performance and the underlying rate of inflation. You can probably search for government statistics by job classification that might show increases over time. However, these increases are subject to so many variables that I think it is not a good indicator of what you might be earning.</p>