What's the Wheaton vibe?

Can anyone share what it’s like to be a student at Wheaton Mass? Are there a lot of activities? Is the food good? What types of students are there?

I’d never heard of the school, but it recently came on our radar screen. We’re looking for a small, nurturing school, low/no Greek, and good theater/creative writing opportunities.Thanks!

I would love to hear as well!

Use the website Niche. It’s based on student reviews.

Yes, I’ve done that already. I was hoping to hear from someone on this forum.

I visited with my DD and was impressed. Campus is beautiful New England style with attractive buildings (both new and old) and lots of green. The students who spoke at a Q&A were accomplished and articulate – very impressed. DD was just accepted (yay!) so we will visit again in April and she will spend a night in a dorm. Seems to be a lot of activities (clubs, fun things like “Head of the Peacock Regatta” where students sail homemade watercraft on the mid-campus pond.) Feels like being in the country, yet easy trip into Boston or Providence.

@pickpocket Can I ask if your DD actually got to spend a night at Wheaton and what she thought? My DD is a junior and we recently looked at Wheaton and she loved it- it’s making her top 3 list! So, I’d love to hear more.

We are interested as well. Can you get into Boston without a car? Is it accessible to public transportation? The school comes very highly recommended by D20’s college counselor but we haven’t visited yet.

@Dancingmom518 : One college guide from several years ago wrote: “If you go to Wheaton College in Massachusetts, get your dancing shoes ready.”

Weird comment. Was in reference to a limited social scene.

@Dancingmom518 When we did our visit they said there was a T or train nearby into Boston. I forget the exact details but they made it sound easy. They also talked about dancing quite a bit- showed us the gym with some dance studios.

@travelfamily and @Publisher LOL I should change my screen name - I’m the dancer, not my daughter! But thank you for the info. She would like a school with access to a city, and Boston is one of her favorites. She won’t have a car on campus, so public transportation would be great. Thank you.

I have not visited Wheaton yet, it’s on our list. We live about half hour away and I think of Norton as kind of a quiet suburban town with not too much happening. There could be a commuter rail nearby that goes into Boston but I would think it’s a bit of a ride. There are many schools much closer to Boston or in Boston if that’s what your daughter is looking for. We actually chose Wheaton to look at as my daughter would rather avoid urban areas.

My Son is a rising sophomore at Wheaton. Providence is 25 minutes by car and Boston 35 minutes. There is a commuter rail 10 mins from campus that brings you right into South Station. Lots of students have cars, so getting rides is easy. My son does not have a car and has had plenty of off campus adventures. Its a great small New England LAC and my son has been very happy there.

We first visited in maybe 2009 and frankly, it felt shopworn. I say that because I was there some months ago, for an artexhibit, and the changes knocked my socks off. (They had some admin changes, including in development and a big fundraising campaign or two.) Beautiful, friendly, all the kids we spoke with (at the exhibit or asking directions. then later having a coffee stop,) were bright, engaged, empowered.

Imo, definitely worth a look. And it’s 10.minutes by car to Mansfield crossing. lots of shops and places to eat.


I’m happy to hear some positive comments re: Wheaton. We visited my d’s junior year and had the worst.tour.guide.ever. She was so bad, I wanted to reach out and let the school know she should NOT be representing them (I never got around to it). She made Chrissy on Three’s Company look like Harvard material and spent much of the tour saying how much she loved it because it was “just like high school.” Turned my d off and she never applied.
Fast forward, due to lack of FA, d now needs to transfer out of her current school, and has applied to Wheaton (among others that were still accepting transfer apps this late in the game) but d is still reluctant due to that dang tour guide. Also, she’s coming from a much larger school and thinks it is just going to be too small. On the plus side is the open-ish curriculum and the opportunity to attend one of the other schools in the 12 college consortium.

We live about 20 minutes from Wheaton. It’s a very pretty, little campus. It’s not a school I can imagine a lot of students choosing as it’s in a pretty boring area. You’d need to go to Providence or Boston for real night life.

You find your primary activities on campus, it does not depend on the neighboring area. OP can check the calendar of activities or clubs list, see what’s up. My link does show opportunities to get out.

@taverngirl, it was our worst tour, ever. If anyone remembers the unnamed college I described on ‘worst’ threads, this is it. BUT, it has sooooo changed. Take a new look. (And I’m not an easy sell.) Seeing the changes, I regretted D2 didn’t apply. We also know a couple of faculty (just a few) and they’re committed to their work and classes.

Hi. Posting again about Wheaton. We visited over the summer and the campus just beautiful, all seemed great about the school but really hesitant about the location. I will say daughter does NOT want urban and it certainly fits that criteria. But she would like a cute town, or something to do in the area. We walked to a little strip mall of maybe 4 stores and had lunch at a junky pizza place that was full of construction workers (no offense to construction workers & I’m sure during the school year has a different vibe) and the pizza was awful. Just left a negative impression that there’s nothing walkable in the area. We were too tired to go exploring afterwards. But maybe there are some cute towns kind of nearby? I am from Mass but dont really know this area. Thanks for any input!