What's the worst thing you could put on your MIT application?

<p>C'mon, lets have a little fun on this board, get away from the chances/improve my application thread.</p>

<p>well, heres one i sort of did on the history regents last year: i took every word in the entirety of my essay for the dbq section and alternatingly wrote in blue and black for each of them, definately wasnt well received lol</p>

<p>and you could always say youre only applying to make your parents happy, and that they should reject you</p>

<p>or even diss the adcoms themselves, though that would be impolite :P</p>

<p>You could do the whole thing in crayon. And draw a pretty picture of a tree for your essay! Then add a sun, for good measure. Then stick a $20 bill on the back to make sure.</p>

alternatingly wrote in blue and black for each of them


<p>L-O-L. Sorry for the double post, but I just saw this. Man, how on earth did you have time?</p>

<p>Write about snorting crack off of a hooker's nipples and submit a photoshopped image supporting this story.</p>

<p>why photoshop when u can get the real thing? X-)</p>

<p>Yeah, I mean, it's to get into college!</p>

<p>... a wrong name on the app, perhaps</p>

<p>List an award which you have to be dead to receive.</p>

<p>witre yuor esasy lkie tihs and mkae an aemtptt to cnsufoe aimiosdsn oefcifrs</p>

<p>Or even better...</p>

<p>"... and that's why I want to go to Harvard."</p>


The Brown admissions officer was talking about a great essay he read and was all for letting the kid in, but then at the end he had "and so I really, really want to go to Yale." I don't know what happened to the kid. :p</p>

<p>Put in the essay, "I don't mix well with nerds."</p>

<p>Spell your first name wrong.</p>

<p>My friend spelled her last name wrong.... O_o</p>

<p>"I want to go to MIT because I hear you can take classes at Harvard, and my goal in life was to be a Harvard student. Once I get in, I can get a fews ins with the professors and then get a transfer. I know a Harvard education will make me a sucess in life."</p>

<p>is there that much corrupt politics in harvard? you can get in by knowing professors?</p>

<p>dally i had plenty of time, it was the history regents which gives like 3 hours for a basically 1 hour test. and i actually had a system going, i tried to write sentences leaving out every other word, and then i would go back and fill them in lol. it worked!</p>

<p>definately put in being the winner if intel or being a nobel prize laureate.</p>

<p>and i love the crayon idea hahaha</p>

Nobel Prize in Physics 2043 (Time Travel)...

<p>^ Haha, you can say you went to the Time Traveler's convention a few years back, too...</p>