What's there to do in Kansas?

<p>I am from California, and I am attending the University of Kansas upcoming fall.</p>

<p>My friends describe me as a "city/club scene person who loves to get down dirty," but I want a dramatic change in my life for couple years, which is why I am going to KU. I have no interest in settling down in Kansas what so ever, but I would like to know what's there to do (not saying this in a negativ or ignorant way) in the city of Lawrence and Kansas City?</p>

<p>There are clubs and places to have fun in Lawrence, honestly. There are a lot concerts, all types of music, near Mass Street (if you don't want to head to Kansas City) so if you're into that, we have it. I'm not so much into clubs or music, having only been to a club twice, and never going to a "real" concert outside of my high school cafeteria, but my roommate likes the clubs and things here and my best friend loves the concerts in Lawrence.</p>

<p>Lawrence is basically just another college town. Kansas does have a reputation for being boring, BUT there are quite a few interesting things going on in the area. I really doubt that you couldn't find something you like in Kansas City, if Lawrence turns out to be such a boring place.</p>

<p>I am also not interested in sports, but KU is well known for it's school spirit and unification when it comes to sports, such as football and basketball. Would I be left out or are there other interesting school activities for non sports fans going on throughout the year?</p>

<p>socializing around sports is popular here, eg: if you don't know who Bill Self is, people will clutch their hearts and start moaning. But there's a lot of campus events all the time. </p>

<p>If you're interested in diversity programs, campus politics, or community service, or basically anything, there are lots of groups. The SUA (Student Union Activities? I'm not sure if they're a group or not) puts on a lot of cool concerts in the union (eg: surprise Jason Mraz concert one day) as well as cheap recent movies most Thurs-Sat evenings, and a lot of other cool events. I'm not huge into sports either, but there's a lot of ways to socialize with people. Living in the dorms is great for socializing, study groups, etc. I hope this answers your question.</p>