What's These Guys Problems?

<p>Before I had several male classmates when I was applying to business school (out of large class from 100-1000 students) that recognized and would bump into me often. They would often initiate conversations whenever I was walking to class for couple semesters. I decided to add one on Facebook (who recognized me from several classes and talked to me multiple times throughout the semesters), but rejected my request. </p>

<p>Recently I've seen in the library a lot, but he would ignore me and not recognize me (ex: say hi to mutual friend I was talking to, but not to me). In addition the other guys stopped talking to me, maybe it's because I told them I switched from Accounting to Economics outside of the business school.</p>

<p>Why would a guy who would start conversations with you often guy ignore me and reject my friend request? Just because I'm an Economics major. I don't think they would use me for their academic career, because they already 4.0 without help. What's their problem? I didn't expect them to be interested in me, but why would they ignore me all of a sudden after talking with them for multiple semesters?</p>

<p>lots of people want to avoid awkwardness</p>

<p>he might be weird or/and something on facebook wards him off</p>

<p>maybe they want to have someone to say hi to in the halls, but without having to call you “friends”? also - some people are really selective about who they friend on facebook - what does their friend count look like?</p>

<p>You sound like an acquaintance. Doesn’t seem like any problem to me.</p>

<p>Sometimes you have to be the one who says hi first, you know.</p>

<p>^^ wiscongene: it doesn’t seem like he was ever rude, and he did try to friend this guy on facebook. It could be good to say hi and see what happens, but it’s not like he never did anything.</p>

<p>To be clear I’m a 20 year old college girl. But what I find weird is that one of the guys recognized from freshman year this semester (junior year) and asked me if I was still supply chain major (I never was but previously was Accounting who switched to Economics).</p>

<p>Once I told him I switched to Economics, he clearly ignores me (we live in the same building and I see him often and I see him in the business library a lot ex: one time I talking to a male friend and then the guy said hi to him but didn’t even acknowledge me).</p>

<p>I don’t think the guys were mooching off my “knowledge” just because I went to office hours and seemed somewhat studious in class, because I already know that those guys are highly ranked in the business school. I also think it would be stupid that they would stop talking to me because I’m a Social Science (Economics major) instead of business major since many business majors take our Economics classes.</p>

<p>One other example there was this one guy in my class who recognized me from office hours and one time I lend him my notes from class in office hours to copy and afterwards several times later he thanked me for lending the notes. Yesterday, I saw him walking from the opposite direction to the same extra credit lecture and he didn’t even acknowledge me then or when I was behind him walking into the lecture.</p>

<p>Okay, I’m being a total girl (secretly having high expectations for these guys) and just because I guy talks to you doesn’t mean he likes you (I know college is competitive especially the business majors but I don’t think they would try to mooch or sabotage me because they clearly don’t need help). In the back of my mind I was hoping or wondering if they were interested in me, because why would a guy go out of his way to talk to someone out of a large crowd of people on the sidewalk? I don’t think I stick out that much, so I just find it interesting.</p>

<p>I just find it very odd that these guys went out of their way to talk to me when they thought I was a business major, but when I told them I was an Economics major they ignore me. (Do they only talk or want to date business majors?) Because lots of business majors take the Economics 300 and 400 levels too!</p>