What's to like, dis-like about Stanford Engineering

<p>I'm planning to be an EE, looking at CalTech, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT.</p>

<p>What has Stanford been like so far--any surprises from what you were led to believe? What's great. What's not so great--so far.</p>

<p>Is it crazy hard?</p>

<p>Really would appreciate the freshman perspective.</p>

<p>Thanks much.</p>

<p>I can't answer all of your question, but my son is a senior at Stanford, a Japanese major also taking engineering, hoping to get into the fifth year engineering program. Stanford engineering is an excellent program, and, according to my son, very difficult. He has found liberal arts classes much easier than the math/science/engineering classes. However, he definitely feels he is getting a great education.</p>

<p>yeah id like to know this too...</p>

<p>bump please?</p>

<p>From what I've heard...the gender imbalance at CalTech is depressing for some people...for Berkeley...I know from friends that go there that engineering is a great program but its SUPER hard...berkeley is very very competitive to the point that people steal their roommate's notes and stuff..
MIT I dont know much about..
With Stanford, you might also want to consider the fact that its ranked #3 for having the happiest students..and i think quality of life matters a lot...compared to Stanford I don't think any of those others have the same quality of life</p>