What's up with schools that give decisions late?

<p>So, I've applied to 10 schools and I have received only two decisions so far, both acceptances but not to my favorite schools. I'm so puzzled why some schools leave their decisions so late. For example, I called Rutgers 2 weeks ago and they told me that unless I had all the application materials in before Jan. 15, I'll have to wait until May for the decision. Some schools that I might get accepted have their deposit deadlines by May 1st?! This waiting is killing me... Ah, had to vent. :)</p>

<p>And yeah, I know the longer it takes for the decision to come the worse. Usually means rejection letter...</p>

<p>Very very tough on transfers.... the timing can get complicated because there is no common decision date.</p>

<p>Read Transfer Admissions 101 sticky thread for ideas on how to handle deposit deadlines when you don't even know the status of all your apps - there are different ways to go.</p>

<p>Just be aware that some decisions don't come until late May (or even later !!?!). Reason is likely because they are slammed with the huge #s of freshman apps review/decisions until late March and then may be waiting to get an idea of yield before making transfer decisions.</p>

<p>Whatever the reason, you may need Plan A and Plan B.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>all three of my decisions are coming in JUNE...KILL ME</p>

<p>Oh wow, all of em in June?? I feel for you there...</p>

<p>If I get into Wesleyan, they'll need to hear back two weeks after. That's two weeks before I'd hear from Brandeis.</p>

<p>Northwestern's is late. I really want to go there, but I'll have to respond to Wash U before I get my NU app back. I'm thinking I'm just going to send in my deposit to Wash U. I still love it, probably 99% as much as NU.</p>

<p>good luck with wesleyan mlevine07!</p>

<p>if iii get into wesleyan, i hope they tell me before may 15. because that's the deadline to reply to two other schools.</p>

<p>wouldn't it be nice if they could plan a little better for us struggling transfers? oh well. i'm not complaining. i'm so excited.</p>

<p>ok but really, i'm not sure how this usually works. do schools tend to send decisions for transfers before they actual notification date, does it usually not come until the deadline, or is it different all the time?</p>