What's with Berea College?

Hey all,

Lately I’ve come across this college, completely new to me - Berea College, Kentucky. It boasts of a no tuition program. It’s ranking is okay, not too impressive. The campus looks beautiful. Does anybody know about this college, or does anybody here on CC know people or themselves who attend Berea? How’s it? Good? How’re the academics, internship and placement opportunities, study abroad program here? How’s the Business and Economics program here? Is it reputed and accredited? How does it even run, if it has a no tuition program? Is it reputable enough for grad school?

Berea is fully accredited. It is one of a number of so-called “work colleges” that were founded to serve low-income students. Costs are held to a minimum because much of the work on campus that would normally be done by employees is done by the students themselves. You can read more about them at www.workcolleges.org