What's wrong

So I’m in my second year of college and everything is fine. I have a job make good grades finally got a car and I have a great guy. Thing is that I’ve been feeling down randomly. It’s like I have all these good things and I don’t feel them at times. My boyfriend worries I could be depressed …but I don’t feel depressed. My grades are great and I do my job fine so how could I be depressed?

@ThatAgirl72 I think the best thing to do is speak with a counselor and just talk things out. You can be completely functioning and still be depressed. Everyone has moments that they don’t feel 100% but, if you are feeling this more often than not then seek some help.

Make an appointment with the college’s counseling center. Sometimes it helps to just talk things through with a professional.

I completely agree…talk to your Counseling center. Just tell them what you told us. The fact that you took the time to post this tells us that you know something isn’t quite right.

Certain types of foods and drinks can make you feel down. You could try to keep a food diary and see if there is a pattern, where something you’ve consumed triggers the feeling. You can search online things like “foods that make you feel down” or “foods that make you feel depressed.” Typical culprits can include sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, carbs, fast foods, high sodium foods, and much more. To know what affects YOU in particular would require a food diary, as foods can affect different people differently. I personally get migraines, stuffy nose and other symptoms just from food additives (especially MSG), so if you do track foods, be sure to list all of the ingredients, including the food additives. It could be a chemical added to food that you are reacting to.