what's your favorite thing to do in the world?

<p>personally i love talking to large groups of people. i guess i'm just weird like that.</p>

<p>wanking off?</p>


<p>popping bubble wrap, writing pointless crap on white boards, downloading illegal stuff, if I win something that's cool</p>

<p>^^There's no way to make a topic like this without someone answering like that.</p>

<p>The first bite of that favorite food; getting back a great test score. Falling asleep quickly on a Friday night. Finding something rare, anywhere.
Walking away from an intellectual or otherwise good conversation with an acquaintance and not having screwed up the conversation with my social awkwardness.</p>

<p>Personally--it's not my favorite, as in I don't <em>enjoy</em> it until afterwards, but when I'm reading a amazing book or working on a piece of art, I fall into a trance of sorts that's like really concentrated but at the same time like a really good sleep. I also enjoy the thrill I get when I'm writing an essay, about to finish, and I know it's not one of those essays that are uninspired and led off-track from the moment I started writing.</p>

<p>I also love blowing bubbles.</p>

<p>^ how very poetic</p>

<p>^^ well I like doing it, you got something against that??</p>

<p>giving people hope.</p>

<p>writing poetry and winning track races</p>