What's your hardest application?

<p>I enjoyed doing Chicago's app.
And I think that's what they were aiming for. People who will enjoy going to Chicago will enjoy doing their app. Others won't. Hence the self-selecting applicant pool.</p>

<p>Brown, if you're doing computer science, chemistry, physics, or engineering. 6 essays total.</p>

<p>My hardest was UVA because this is the one I'm counting on to get in to and they had to be perfect. And I didn't really like the essay topics.</p>

<p>Hardest--> Amherst College</p>

<p>Mid-->Richmond, Dickinson, Cornell</p>

<p>Drew was just being difficult, making me redo the common app on paper</p>

<p>Arcadia was the easiest ever, I didn't even have to send an essay or recs, and I got in!</p>

<p>DEFINITELY for me it was stanford.
but after i did the stanford app, i could use those essay for my other apps, thus making other apps a bit easier.</p>

<p>brown (w/ plme), mit, and tufts were the most annoying and time consuming for me i guess</p>

<p>Amherst's essays were terrible. I did the one about diversity. Tufts had a lot of essays. Although, I got into my first choice so I did ten applications for nothing! Being overseas I couldn't use my winter break.</p>

<p>i have to agree that stanford was a pain. but northwestern beats all. i dropped applying because i couldnt stand the amount of stuff they asked for</p>

<p>penn's also annoying, and i've been stalling for ages now. </p>

<p>as for easy, i like TCNJ - they're common app with no supplement!</p>

<p>Hardest to easiest:
1. UMich
2. Barnard
3. Cornell
4. Sophie Davis/Brooklyn BA/MD
5. BU
6. NYU
7. Columbia
8. SUNY/ CUNY Honors</p>

<p>i would second brown for engineering</p>

<p>Hardest or should I say longest: Tufts</p>

<p>U Penn =OMFG ADuhdsfhgvjlbh!!</p>

<p>BC and WUSTL, no supplemental essay</p>

<p>i agree barnard has a lot of short essays. Princeton has a lot of essays too (summer, meaningful activity, two short ones, one long, and optional form)...but i enjoyed the two short ones and the long ones... it's fun to write about things that really really matter to me/invoke my imagination. That said, i don't like the college apps that ask "why us"...there's little room for creativity i think.</p>

1. UChicago
2. UMichigan Ann Arbor
3. Carnegie Mellon
4. Cornell
5. Johns Hopkins
6. Colgate
7. URochester
9. Rutgers

<p>I didn't actually finish all of them because I got into CMU ED but I had most started and they were a bi*ch!</p>

<p>From most difficult to easiest:</p>

William & Mary</p>

<p>U Penn wants the financial aid form with the application, Amherst essay topics are impossible to "respond" to, Stanford has like four essays (including that weird roommate one), and Columbia has a whole bunch of mini-essay/short-answer type things. Princeton's two supplementary essays aren't too annoying compared to the above.</p>

<p>I just finished NYU's application, and wow, it was the most fun I had while doing applications. Those short answers were great.</p>

<p>Wake Forest's application made my soul weep.
And I've been nursing Penn's for the past two months. I literally put my paper copy on my pillow next to me at night. Well, I fell asleep a few times while working on it, so, same difference.</p>

<p>but seriously, all the writing for wake made me want to poke my eyes out.</p>

<p><em>pokes liver out</em></p>

<p>: P </p>

<p>Honestly, MIT, because it was my first.
Then Princeton...too long.
SUNY SB...a long application
and a supplement...ready for this?</p>

<p>With no save option.
The horrors.</p>