What's your hardest application?

<p>Ok so here you can rate your applications from hardest to easiest, using a combination of difficulty and length. I'll go first, and remember, these are all opinions, so no fighting!
Here goes..</p>

U of Maryland

<p>Actually Columbia and UMD are sort of tied - crazy right!</p>

<p>Anyway..anyone wanna join in??</p>


<p>Ohio State wants 2 friggin' essays.
University of Massachusetts' application is ****ing me off for no apparent reason.
SUNY's application was pretty easy.
Rutgers' application was surprisingly easier.
Penn State's application was a breeze except for their supplemental part. It's not even that hard but I still hate it. </p>

<p>It's the worst time to get Senioritis, but I can't help it. I hate essays. :(</p>

<p>My EDI app had 3 essays :(</p>

<p>Northwestern asks WEIRD short statements... AND 2 essays. This school is so *****ing demanding!</p>

<p>I'm finished all my essays except for UPenn's "why penn essay"....its taking a long time and I cant come up anything good!</p>


<p>easy ones were WUSTL, BC, Penn State, and Notre Dame</p>

<p>Amherst's essay.</p>

<p>Columbia wasn't that bad for me. ;| </p>

<p>I must say Dartmouth's was the easiest. ;D</p>

<p>Hmm, I would say Wake Forest and Tufts were my hardest applications...but I got into Tufts, so it was worth it!</p>

<p>yea wake is actually pretty hard as well, with all those short answers</p>

<p>^ Yeah, it was a pain, and now I wish I hadn't applied to 10 schools lol, since I got into Tufts ED I, oh well, it was an experience I suppose....and a waste of money, hehe.</p>

<p>i was deferred from Duke ED, now applying to 12 schools</p>

<p>princeton was a ***** and I didn't even end up applying early there, williams had a sweet and easy app.</p>

<p>My hardest was Wake, with those 5 short statements and the academic passion essay. Easiest was Washington and Lee, one simple essay, which I found weird for a school who stresses the importance of writing.</p>

<p>Hardest --> Easiest</p>

<li>UMichigan Ann Arbor</li>
<li>U Penn</li>
<li>NYU - common app</li>
<li>CMU - common app</li>

<p>my hardest ones were for stanford, cuz thats where i wanna go most...well, wanted to go..</p>

Hardest is UPenn's by FAR
then MIT because those essay questions were terrible
After that, most of them were about the same. Chicago's took a lot of work, but I actually enjoyed writing those essays which was...unexpected. JHU's $10 essay was also kind of fun.</p>

<li>Penn -haven't started!</li>
<li>Michigan -annoying set up</li>
<li>Chicago -had to write two short essays just for them</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins -common app that strongly recommends writing 2 other essays...</li>
<li>Columbia -pretty easy</li>
<li>Notre Dame -easy</li>
<li>Harvard -easy</li>

<p>Chicago's is the hardest by FAR....have you guys seen their essay options! They are insane!</p>

<p>I just adjusted an essay I had already, so it wasn't that difficult. Also, for some people writing creative personal essays is very easy and quick.</p>