Whats your Major and Minor

<p>What is your Major and Minor.</p>

<p>My Major is Statistics and Economics (double major), with a minor in Mathematics.</p>

<p>Information Systems, no minor. (Too much $ when you have to pay for it yourself)</p>

<p>ok I'm an international student, I guess that's why I dont know this....but why did you say it's too expensive to also have a minor joev? Do you pay "per major and minor"????</p>

<p>You have to pay per credit hour, so it would have been like $2,000 extra for management minor, or like around $5,000 extra for a finance or marketing minor. Not worth the extra cash in my opinion.</p>

<p>C.S. major with a minor in management</p>

<p>EE major, maybe minoring in engineering management</p>

<p>Theatre Arts major with a concentration in design and technology</p>

<p>possible minor in elementary education.</p>