What's your plan for dealing with rejection?

<p>If you get rejected, do you have a plan to soften the impact? </p>

<p>Personally, I made a bet with a friend (he's dead certain I'll get in) that if I get in, I buy him dinner, and if I don't he'll buy me dinner. At least then there's something to look forward to.</p>

<p>Also, I plan on opening my decision email while under the influence of something, so it doesn't hit me right away.</p>

<p>It's not that big of a deal to me, but it is something I've been waiting for this whole semester.</p>

<p>What about you?</p>

<p>"Also, I plan on opening my decision email while under the influence of something, so it doesn't hit me right away." </p>

<p>LoL Antithenes, that's some good stuff, haha.</p>

<p>If I get in (God knows if I could), I made a promise with a friend that I'll wear the same Columbia shirt for 2 straight weeks.</p>

<p>If I don't get in (cough* very possible), I told myself that the reason they rejected me is probably because I'm not a match for them, or vice versa.</p>

<p>Either way, nobody should stress THAT much...haha</p>

<p>I forsee great things for this particular thread.</p>

<p>If I get in, I'm gonna wear all Columbia apparral for the rest of the school year. </p>

<p>But since I probably won't, given the odds, I'll just pray that I get into my #2 or 3 schools, JHU and Duke, but since those are also unlikely, UNC-CH here I come...</p>

<p>What'll I do if I don't get in?</p>


<p>Oh yeah and sulk for the rest of my life. </p>

<p>Nah. I'll just accept the fact and apply to other schools like it's no big deal.</p>

<p>I have already prepared myself after my SATII grades came in. I know its a large reach for me now and hopefully they will look past that and take me. If not then I know that I have other options and I can always transfer later : )</p>

<p>hey..ull get in somewhere nick..dont worry...hell doesnt sound so bad...ur not gettin into columbia haha nana poo poo!.hehe..(takes it all back and runs)</p>

<p>im crossing my fingers real hard</p>


<p>The best place to get your ivy apparals</p>

<p>You heard it from Delfire first!</p>


<p>lol....i probably wont buy anything from there :' (</p>

<p>if i get in: i will jump up and down for 10 minutes, screaming at the top of my lungs, and will then commence to order a brank spankin new Columbia sweatshirt</p>

<p>if i get rejected: i will cry for a few days, then get on with my life (and apps to other schools)</p>

<p>lol if I get in...</p>

<p>I'm gonna get my dad to drive me to Columbia (it's about an hours' drive away) so that I can buy out the whole store and get all the sweatshirts tshirts jackets etc. All in the same day. </p>

<p>Then wear all of it to school the next day.
While grinning broadly until my face hurts. In fact, I'll grin broadly even AFTER my face hurts and not stop until... never.</p>

<p>definitely die of happiness
and then take the train into the city to see columbia for the first time as home</p>

<p>(oh that was more of a response to acceptance i guess... selective reading :-) )</p>

<p>dont die contessa!!! :-D</p>

<p>heh, i think i'll be like katie, madman dance around mailbox --> proofread letter in case of misconstrued interpretation (heh, that would suck) --> call mea pater @ work --> Start/join thread on CC: "Roll Call for CC/SEAS 09 who can now coast" --> Stop hmwk immediately and hop into bed, clutching acceptance package and just sleep like I havent slept since entering HS - with complete abandonment --> challenge myself to max out blockbuster card with all hits from the past 4 yrs I never had the time to see --> cry a little, laugh a little --> go to school and give teachers + counselor huge bear hug --> reward myself with a nice Columbia hoodie --> Drop AP Chem for Art I --> Start browsin catalog for winter clothing --> Make plans to meet up with fellow acceptees --> Find new obsession.</p>

<p>Heh, i obviously put alot of thought into this.</p>

<p>I enjoy you glory. I'm probably the only person here crazier than you.</p>

<p>um i beg to differ! i love glory!!</p>

<p>NO NO- u misunderstand. I love the craziness.</p>

<p>If I get a fat letter, I'm going to go online and book a round-trip ticket to LaGuardia and stay in NYC for a week (during school, cuz it won't matter nemore) and then I'll go to school the following monday, wearing my new Columbia hoodie, and I'll show everybody in my school who they really are. Then I'll start looking online for winter clothing, too, and I'll start packing...even if it's 8 months in advance. lol</p>

<p>stop trying to top glory/I's craziness</p>

<p>I love how we turned this into How am I going to celebrate acceptance thread, rather than A rejection thread, which is what it was meant to be. Does no one respect anthistenes objective? NO ONE?!</p>