What's your student doing this summer?

<p>Obligatory spring thread. A lot of students have heard on intern jobs by now. Some are
still applying for companies that have posted late. Son's school had a career day last week
and I assume that some companies were there looking for summer interns (he didn't go).</p>

<p>Son has a research internship (these were plentiful in STEM).
Daughter is either taking classes or working or maybe both (hasn't found a job yet).
Niece has a research internship.
One tennis friend's daughter is doing summer abroad in Spain.
Coworker's son is starting his own business (franchise).
Another coworker's son will be looking for work when he's back and may be taking classes and/or doing volunteer work if that doesn't pan out.</p>

<p>My kids are doing the same thing they've done since they were young teens - working.</p>

<p>One works in maintenance at a country club (think "Caddyshack"), and the other is a "manny" in charge of 3 very active boys, he drives them around, brings them swimming, walks the dog, gets them to appointments, camps, etc.</p>

<p>We also have a 2 week family trip to Italy planned in July that was postponed from last summer - long story.</p>

<p>Mine tried to get an internship, but as a freshman, wasn't successful (or I don't know the right people!)</p>

<p>He will be coming home, eating me out of house and home, and finding a summer job around here. I don't care if he digs ditches. He WILL get a job and he WILL earn money to take back with him to college. He WILL NOT be sitting on his duff all summer. </p>

<p>He is a very hard-working person. I know he'll find something and earn his keep.</p>

<p>Older son staying in college town working and taking a couple classes. Soon to be college son working as many hours as he can get this summer at his job before he heads off mid-August.</p>

<p>colmom, I hear you.</p>

<p>Last summer my college sophomore had to pound the pavement every day until he found a job - he found one, painting houses. It was very hard work and he hated it, but he didn't quit until he found something better and gave 2 weeks notice.</p>

<p>He really learned a good lesson. He does not want to paint houses for a living.</p>

<p>Son will start work early May - trying to figure out what to do in the fall. Job is only a temporary summer position- so we'll have to see. D is staying at school, taking a class, doing unpaid work in a lab (but great research opportunity) and hopefully finding some paying work. I know she's been looking.</p>

<p>D is staying at school to take her second year of Japanese, so her fall schedule will be a little more free. S is completing his high school volunteer hours requirement and going to at least one camp.</p>

<p>Senior D is working 2 jobs and taking a full load of classes at the local college. Freshman S is working part-time, taking 2 classes online, and volunteering.</p>

<p>Last year my younger D worked as a resident camp counselor- she loves the kids ( even the middle schoolers), but not always the staff, so she is taking a day camp job instead and a CC class.
She should have more free time than she did last year,
I imagine older D ( who graduated from college four years ago), will be working a summer program at the school she works at during the year, and getting ready to attend grad school in the fall.</p>

<p>and moi ?
I will be working in my garden :)</p>

<p>Thank the lord the child has gotten a paid IT internship at his college. If I had another summer of the young genius lying feebly on the couch watching the cartoon channel and eating mac & cheese, I would shoot myself.</p>

<p>Sophomore D got a paid summer internship on the East Coast. The alternative plan for her would have been to go back home, teach swim lessons and take a class at a CC.</p>

<p>We just got a phone call of change-of-plans for S-2's summer. Originally, he wanted to stay in California to shoot a short film in August (which he'll still do then). He's a film/screenwriting student, so that's right on track with his major. </p>

<p>The difference is, he had been trying mightily to find any kind of good hourly-paying work in SoCal for the summer. After pounding pavements mercilessly, he concludes he'll be better off to come home from midMay-August and pick up his old summer job at the moving company for 2 months. I thought Buffalo economy was rough, but California right now trumps all. His moving job is good money.</p>

<p>In the middle, he'll be best man at his brother's wedding, so we would have had to fly him home anyway. This way we get to hang out and enjoy some time together. I'm not complaining. He's great company.</p>

<p>D has un unpaid (oh well) internship with a minor leage baseball team. Absolutely nothing to do with her major---but sounds like a great experience. You never know what path life will take you down! She will also continue her campus tour guide job in the summer in between games I guess!</p>

<p>I'm taking classes... I'm lame like that.</p>

<p>My D will be a counselor and tennis specialist at her sleepaway camp in the Berkshires. Doesn't leave much time to get ready to get ready for college, but we will deal. </p>

<p>I do have some inside info on the availability of an awesome paid internship in NYC - student has to be in college or going to be a freshman in the Fall. Very prestigious company. I can't post any info here, but PM me by Wednesday if you are interested and I will be glad to fill you in.</p>

<p>D1 (college jr): Attained travel grant to conduct research abroad for 9 weeks.
D2 (HS jr): 8 week internship to conduct applied research.</p>

<p>S1 (just finished sophomore yr.)-girlfriend had connections to a hospital in college town and got him hired as a surgery technician. <em>I</em> am scared. It's a big responsibility and I hope he doesn't screw up! </p>

<p>D1 (graduating h.s.)-never had a job, but H thinks he can get her in at his company this summer, as business is beginning to pick up</p>

<p>S2 (just finished freshman yr of hs)- looks like he'll be caddying at the local country club again.</p>

<p>I'll be working, as well as pounding the pavement for a second job.</p>

<p>D2 will be happily waiting tables before she heads off to her freshman year of college. D1 will be managing a retail establishment where she's worked since sophomore year of high school in the evening while working as a CUNY teaching fellow (for pay!) during the day.</p>

<p>"Thank the lord the child has gotten a paid IT internship at his college. If I had another summer of the young genius lying feebly on the couch watching the cartoon channel and eating mac & cheese, I would shoot myself."</p>

<p>I love that. I have felt your pain, though I'm hoping to not feel it this summer!</p>

<p>Son got turned down for a paid internship with an economic think tank, is still waiting to hear from the unpaid ones. He thinks the value of college credit/job experience is much more important than a low paid job (since we're paying for college, we agree). But there's not alot of hope for freshman internships. I doubt he will look for any jobs he considers not useful, as he has alot of money in the bank from a Microsoft internship.</p>

<p>I have told him that he won't be spending the summer on the couch. If all else falls through, we have alot of chores and yardwork that we could use cheap labor for. And we're quite dull around here.</p>