What's your style?

<p>Not looking for any style advice. Just interested in hearing what everyone's style is. What do you usually like to wear for your classes, weekends, or just any day around campus?</p>

<p>uhhh classes i wear (acording to weather of course)</p>


<p>shirt, shorts perhaps sandles if i'm feeling lazy</p>


<p>shirt, shorts, hoodie, sneakers</p>


<p>shirt hoodie pants sneakers</p>


<p>basketball shorts (i'm lazy and thier confy enough said) baggy T </p>

<p>depends all on the weather though. :P</p>

<p>I will stick to teen brands like Abercrombie, Urban Outfitters, Lacoste.</p>

<p>I will mostly do jeans and t-shirt or button up.</p>

<p>This winter I will attempt the use of the Cardigan. </p>

<p>All this while being on the "I'm a broke college student that can't afford food" diet of course.</p>

<p>Weekdays, I just wear whatever I want unless I have a reason to look nice, such as an interview, meeting, presentation and so on.</p>

<p>Weekends, I put a minimal amount of effort to look nice, usually in a casually preppy outfit, such as casual shoes, khaki shorts and a blue button down.</p>