*** WHEATON COLLEGE Class of 2021 thread ***

Post here if you plan to attend or are thinking about attending Wheaton.

Other colleges have these threads. Why none here yet?

Accepted with a 50k scholarship :)))
SAT: 1490
Gpa 94
Lots of ECs
This is a super safe school for me so i dont plan to attend

I might… Visiting in a few days. The biggest problem for me is that it’s in such a small town. What about you OP?

@cooliosos my S is considering it but the location is a concern for him too. He is not sure he still wants a LAC, and is inclining toward the larger schools that accepted him (NEU, Tulane).

@Merlin2020 I visited yesterday! The campus is actually really nice and there’s a CVS and Walgreens within walking distance. Apparently it’s not too bad of a transit to get to Providence or Boston. The food was pretty good but not anything amazing. The other place I’m considering apparently has the worst food in the country so… D:

It’s an adorable school and has a good reputation with our guidance counselors. My D got 120K scholarship plus a summer stipend! There isn’t a lot to do in Norton however there are daily busses to Boston and Providence, I believe. You can cross-register at Brown or 11 other schools. We’re visiting in April.