Wheaton College (MA) EA Decision Fall 2016

Was I mistaken, or is Wheaton College (MA) supposed to notify early action applicants today? It’s been a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGG day… after 8pm now in Boston… :frowning:

Check out their website: http://wheatoncollege.edu/admission/apply/early-decision/
Only ED is notified on 12/15. EA is not until 1/15.

EA is out right now!

accepted with a 20,000 annual scholarship :slight_smile:


I also got accepted ED2 with a 16,000 scholarship. I plan on majoring in Political Science and am hugely excited to meet all my fellow Lyons

Hello everyone! Popping in here as an incoming senior. :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to meet everyone! And don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. :slight_smile: