Wheaton College (Mass) EA 2022

I applied EA on Oct 31st to Wheaton. Has anyone heard back yet?

Applied Oct. 24th and still no word. Got an email from Admissions on Monday saying that they will continue to review applications through the holiday break and that the notification date for EA is January 15th. Wouldn’t be surprised if some received decisions this week or the next, though.

I still haven’t received any word and I applied EA.

I applied EA in October and haven’t heard anything yet. Hang in there, bud!

Any word?

I still haven’t heard anything. I got an email a few weeks back saying we should hear something by the 15th

Just received (for the third time) the same email telling me to check my portal to make sure everything is submitted (it is!) and that reviewing is going underway. No status update or anything :frowning: I’m glad I’m not alone, as you all and a handful of others I know personally who have applied EA still have not heard either!

“By the 15th” …

Got an email saying my status changed and I was accepted with a yearly $28k scholarship!!! Worth the wait I guess :slight_smile:


My S just received his acceptance and he is beyond excited. Congratulations to those who were accepted!!!

I’M IN!!!

Accepted into the “May Fellows Scholarship Program” – $27,000 annual scholarship

Are any of you willing to post your stats?

I applied EA and got into the May Fellows Scholarship Program

Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): W 9.78
SAT: didn’t use on app
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 28/215
Senior Year Course Load: taken all honors, AP, and dual enrollment all 4 years. All A’s with the occasional B (all above a 90, since a 92 is a B at my school)
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): am the highest ranked/awarded for Model UN at my school

[ b]Subjective:**
Volunteer/Community Service: I do community service 3-5 hours per week
Extra Curriculars: I do a lot of things outside of class. I am president of 3 different clubs

Interview: Yes I interviewed and toured