Wheaton (IL), Biola, Calvin, Hope, Westmont and Azusa Pacific

Among the six colleges, which ones have stronger academics totally? Which ones have a strong Department of English?

Thank you.

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Whichever one you feel best at.

All are fine highly religious, lesser known names.

None will stand out in society - and all will provide you a good education.

If you want “rank”, then per Niche,

Wheeaton is 114 for English

Biola is 155

Hope is 272

Azusa is 297

Calvin has no rank.

Guess what - that means NOTHING - and you might check curriculums to see who has strength in your area of interest.

Find the school that fits the need you have. Good luck.

Wheaton (IL) is known for the strongest academics in its class, I would say.


Wheaton has a significantly better academic reputation than the others, IMO. I’d put it on par with other academically strong religious schools like BYU.


Agree with Wheaton. It’s quite well-known as a Protestant good school academically.

Hope is good academically from what I’ve heard of graduates, but I don’t think as many people recognize it. I’ve only heard of a couple Hope grads TBH - one was at my son’s med school earning some top honors for research - not English major.

Wheaton is a school some top students from the high school where I work have gone when they want a Protestant Christian College.


My D23 loved Hope when we visited last year and is planning on applying. We aren’t particularly religious (Catholic but not every Sunday at all) and she still felt very at home there. I have heard good things about their Creative Writing classes, I know Emily Henry, who is an author of bestselling Chick Lit kind of books, went there and credits that department with teaching her how to write. I don’t know anything about the English major in general though.


I can’t speak for English departments, but as a whole I’d echo those who said Wheaton is probably strongest. I’d put Calvin next, Hope and Westmont as a tie, and APU last.

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If you’re looking at this type of school, check out Vanguard University in Orange County. It’s in a very nice area (Costa Mesa) close to the beach. The price isn’t bad and they give good merit aid and need based aid. My D has a friend that goes there and really likes it. Another friend works for a Bio engineering company close by and they hire out of there a lot.

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I’m the parent of a Hope senior majoring in Computer Science and Classics. I don’t know much about the English department, but I can say that overall I’ve been very pleased with my kid’s Hope experience, including research opportunities and internships.


^^ this. Wheaton attracts the highest performing students of those schools you mentioned, by far. I’m not super familiar with their English Department, but if you want academic rigor, Wheaton is your best choice.