Wheaton Il or Grove City College

19 year old daughter left full ride at Temple due to bad fit. She is admitted to Wheaton w presidential scholarship AND at Grove City College. Her intended major is pre-med. Any input as to the plus’s and minus’s of each would be very helpful. All the threads we see are older…from 2008 - 2012…more recent input would be very insightful.

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For Christian colleges Wheaton is considered one of the very top schools. I know two students (past 5 years) who both went on to the medical field. One as a PA and the other in med school. Wheaton prepared them well. Grove City has a good reputation but not near the stats as Wheaton.

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My D loved the idea of Grove City but it was clear to her that it wasn’t a fit when she visited.

After her experience at Temple, I would highly recommend visiting both and doing an overnight.

Kind thanks for the replies! Daughter visited GCC twice & Wheaton once. Her elective is German & now that has become deciding factor since GCC does not offer German. Ine of our sons graduated GCC so there is familiarity w that school - he went on to bc a lawyer. We are going w Wheaton :slight_smile: