Wheaton, IL

<p>We all know Wheaton is a good school... Great academics, nice size, fair price, etc. But I have some concerns.</p>

<p>I'm concerned mainly about two things: I'm worried that, quite frankly, I'll get bored with the area. Also, I might feel a little... restricted with its conservative tendencies. Any students or parents who can chime in?</p>

<p>I agree. In light of your questions, I think Wheaton would be a poor fit for you. Suburban Chicago is not nearly cosmopolitan for one like you. A hick town with only 2 baseball teams, and both lousy. Are you joking?</p>

<p>Wheaton itself is a sleepy, traditional suburb. Getting to Chicago requires real effort. It's a fair question.</p>

<p>Trust me. I've spent a proverbial lifetime in and around Blanchard Hall. It's all relative. You want sleepy and little? Try Oberlin. Grinnell. Gambier. Grove City. Upland. Lookout Mountain. Cedarville. Waco. Grantham. St. Davids. And I could give you 1,000 more hamlets that make Wheaton, IL look like Manhattan on Monday morning.</p>

<p>You gotta be kidding. What is it you think you need w/in 50 feet of your dorm room?</p>

<p>Consider the following alternatives to Wheaton (sorted by USNWR ranking, which usually corresponds to selectivity):</p>

<p>Davidson (Presbyterian)
College of the Holy Cross (Roman Catholic)
St. Olaf (Lutheran)
Earlham (Quaker)</p>

<p>Like Wheaton, these are all small, top-100 LACs. They all have a religious affiliation (as indicated) but are more secular/ecumenical in orientation than Wheaton. As for costs, the average aid (both need-based and merit-based) is higher at all four than it is at Wheaton ... although their average debt at graduation is also higher than Wheaton by a few hundred dollars (Davidson) to a few thousand dollars (the others). </p>

<p>(Best</a> Values in Private Colleges, 2010-11)</p>

<p>If you want a lively, urban setting then you may need to consider some larger schools. Richmond, IN (Earlham) would indeed make Wheaton, IL look like Manhattan on Monday morning. </p>

<p>For good academics + religious affiliation + urban ... but larger ... consider Catholic schools (Georgetown, Boston College, Fordham, Villanova, etc.) For good academics + urban + small ... but minus the religious affiliation... the few options include Barnard (if female), Macalester, and Colorado College. All three of these schools carry lower average debt at graduation than Wheaton. All three are MUCH more liberal in atmosphere than Wheaton (although Colorado College is in a city where many conservative/Christian organizations are headquartered.)</p>

<p>Academics, cost, and location aside ... I think the key question is whether you are looking for a school with Wheaton's religious orientation (a "Christian School".) If so, then Wheaton is probably the best school of its kind for academic quality. If not, keep looking.</p>

<p>Gosh, Whistle Pig, you're not the only person in the world who has spent time in Wheaton. Some people actually live in the Wheaton area, imagine that! I stand by what I say. Getting to Chicago requires appreciable effort.</p>

<p>As I said. It's all relative, isn't it.:D</p>

<p>Still, make sure you get the larder stocked with venison and bear-cubs meat this fall. Farmers' Almanac forecasting a long, cold winter.</p>

<p>And get them new runners waxed up on the dogsled in case you gotta go to Chi-town for supplies. I hear those Chinese slaves are still laying track to connect the wilds of Wheaton. :( And the bus transit might be going on strike.</p>

<p>I wonder if Billy Graham, more than the spiritual wilderness, recognized he was going to school on the frontier prairie??? :confused:</p>

<p>One man's train stop is another gal's edge of civilization, I guess, a real haul to the mall. Nary a Nordstrom south of Barrington! YIKES! :eek: What's a girl to do!!!</p>

<p>"Forgive me father for I confess to chuckling about this one."</p>

<p>"You're forgiven, my son. Now go. And make disciples of all undergrads @ UI-Chicago Circle and have a ball! But make sure you're packing your permit and some heat! I've already lost one disciple to selling company secrets and suicide." ;)</p>

<p>WhistlePig- I'm sorry if you feel I was insulting Wheaton, because that certainly wasn't my intention. The friends I have who go to Wheaton have only one complaint, and it would be the surrounding area.. considering I grew up in a regular old suburb, I'd say that means something.</p>

<p>tk- thanks a lot for the alternatives. Going to a Christian school isn't a priority of mine, but I'm definitely not ruling them out. (Plus I know it would make my parents happy.) ;)</p>

<p>PizzaGirl- I agree. Wheaton is the only school I'm looking at in northern Illinois, and getting to Chicago isn't important for me right now... (I already live 45 minutes away by car).</p>

<p>Please don't misunderstand. I'd not consider it an insult at all if you think Wheaton's in the proverbial sticks. It's simply that I don't POV, I guess. If you're coming from Lake Wobegone, MN ... or the Bronx ... perhaps? But no insult perceived or received here. Good luck. Check out Pitt, Kings, GA Tech, USC. But not UCLA. It's Inglewood, 25 miles from LA.</p>

<p>Don't worry, WP, there are 2 Nordstroms south of Barrington -- Woodfield and Oak Brook. Phew!</p>

<p>omg!:eek: Thank you, Jesus! You da man! :cool: </p>

<p>And not just at Wheaton. ;)</p>

<p>Break out the plastic, the buckboard, and the 20 mule team, Borax! We goin' for some dry goods! :D</p>